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Febreze Candles

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Febreze Candles

Febreze Candle

Donna Pilato

The Bottom Line

The new Febreze candle is very good at minimizing bad odors, and setting the stage for a pleasant gathering with its warm, hospitable scent.


  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Very good at diminishing unwanted odors.
  • The glass container is a simple but attractive design.
  • Good value compared with similar size quality candles.


  • You shouldn't leave a candle unattended.


  • These candles come in five scents: Apple Spice and Delight; Linen & Sky; Vanilla & Refresh; Spring & Renewal; Meadows & Rain.
  • As candle burns, the special Febreze core is accessed which works to eliminate odors as it fills room with candle scent.
  • Candles come in a glass holder.
  • Will burn for 30 hours.

Guide Review - Febreze Candles

When I first removed the new Febreze candle from its box, I expected to be knocked out with a strong, artificial scent. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the candle releases a gentle, enjoyable fragrance instead, all the while removing bad odors from the room. I put the Febreze odor-removing core to the test on strong cooking odors that included garlic and bacon. It effectively eliminated those odors from the kitchen and replaced them with the subtle apple spice scent of the candle. Aside from the olfactory benefits of this candle, the clear glass container the candle arrives in feels solid and looks attractive, and the candle burns with a soft glow. I could see placing several of these throughout a home for both visual and scented ambience.

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