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Guest of Honor Trivia Game

See How Well Your Guests Know the Guest of Honor


This week's tip was submitted by Ronda Lifford.

Remember the Newlywed Game? You can put a new spin on this game by asking your guests to be contestants in a Guest of Honor Trivia Game. Ask questions to see who knows the birthday girl, boy, or anniversary couple the best. This game can be played at parties for kids or adults.

Seat your volunteer contestants in front of the room and ask questions in front of the other guests. Give points to the contestants for the correct answers. Or ask everyone to play the game by handing out a list of questions to find out who can answer the most. You can ask questions such as favorite book, movie, or food. The name of the guest of honor's first or favorite teacher. For couples you can ask questions such as when and where they first met, had their first kiss, or went on their honeymoon. You can award prizes to the winners, if you'd like. Remember to make this game fun, but not embarassing for the guest of honor.

Thanks for the tip Ronda!

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