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Kids' Parties - Themes, Resources and Party Planning Tips

Plan your next children's party with the help of the ideas and resources found in these links.
  1. Teenage Parties (12)

A Cooking Theme Birthday Party for Kids
Turn the kids into competitive chefs when you host a fun cooking theme birthday party.

Summer Birthday Party Favor Ideas for Children
Choose one of these fun party favors to surprise your guests at your next summertime birthday bash.

How to Host a Dinosaur Theme Party
How to plan a dinosaur theme party for a kids' birthday party.

Best Apps for Planning Parties
Reader reviews of their favorite Apps for planning parties.See submissions

Kid Birthday Party Cake Gallery
Enjoy these photos of birthday cakes that were baked by readers for their kids' birthday parties. Be inspired to make your own decorated cake for your kid's special birthday.

A Mall Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party
How to host a mall scavenger hunt birthday party.

Birthday Party Bash
Review of the Birthday Party Bash game for Nintendo Wii.

Favorite Locations for Kids' Parties
Readers favorite locations for kids' birthday parties.

Classroom Party Games
Ideas for fun class party games.

Host a Professional Wrestling Theme Birthday Party
Host a WWE, professional wrestling theme birthday party for your child.

How to Plan a 1960's - 1970's Flower Child Theme Party
How to Plan a 1960's - 1970's Flower Child Theme Party including decorations, crafts, games, food, and music.

Plan an Earth Day Party
Party plan for an Earth Day Party.

A Hannah Montana Party
How to host a A Hannah Montana Party.

An Oktoberfest Party for Kids
How to host an Oktobefest harvest party for kids.

Water Park Theme Party
How to host your own water park theme party at home.

Guest Author Bio - Benjamin Cohen
Bio of guest author Benjamin Cohen.

A High School Musical Theme Party
How to host a Disney Channel High School Musical Theme Party.

Pink Princess Cookbook
Review of the Pink Princess Cookbook by Barbara Beery.

Cat Theme Birthday Party
Plan for a cat-themed birthday party for little girls.

Throw a Monkey Theme Party for Kids
A monkey theme party plan for kids.

Add Fun to a Kids' Party with FooDoodlers
These Cookie Decorating Kits Are an Easy Way to Entertain Kids at a Party

Bake A Cake Birthday Bash
Easy baking party plan for children.

Classroom Parties
Learn how to plan and organize a classroom party for your child's class if you're one of the lucky room parents.

A Musical Games and Dance Party for Children
How to host a musical games and dance party for children.

The Old-Fashioned, At Home, Do-it-Yourself Party
All the necessary ingredients for an at home party.

A Teen Party Tip from a Teen DJ
Here's a great tip for hosting a party that teens will love based on the experience of a party DJ.

A Backyard Stargazing Sleepover Party
If you are the parent of grade-schoolers, it would be a shame to let the balmy summer nights pass without introducing your kids to the wonders of the nighttime sky. Plan this party and they'll all leave starry-eyed.

Getting the Kids Ready with a Back to School Party
Beneath the complaints your kids are secretly excited about getting back to school. Help to break the ice and unleash their excitement with this party plan.

A Party for your Little Princess
If you have a little princess reigning in your home, this party plan will make her birthday magical.

Links to Kids' Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies
Links to web sites that supply kids party goods, favors, recipes and theme ideas.

Host a Murder Mystery Party for Your Tween or Teen
Everything you need to know to host a mystery party for your kid's birthday party.

Sweet Sixteens
Looking for just the perfect party for your teenage princess? Here's a collection of ideas suitable for a wide variety of budgets and tastes, girls and boys.

And Baby Turns One - Celebrating Baby's First Birthday
Celebrate your little one's first birthday with a theme that marks his or her first baby steps.

Planning a Kids' Party at an Outside Facility
Here's all the questions you need to ask if you're planning a party outside your home for kids, and suggestions for possible locations, from your Entertaining Guide.

Getting Silly with a Dr. Seuss Party - Planning and Decorating Ideas
A Dr. Seuss party is a fitting theme for any group of children that enjoy getting a little silly and a little smart at the same time. Since the reach of his work extends from birth on up, it's possible to tailor a party to suit any age group of children. Here are lots of fun ideas for your group of kids.

Kid's Parties - Parenting of K-6
Kimberly Keith, About Guide to Parenting K-6 children, has written a whole series of articles about parties for children for various occasions.

Theme Parties for Children
This is a directory of dozens of theme parties for kids, from your Entertaining Guide.

Big Parties for Little Kids
A debate over the best kind of party for little kids. The more the merrier or small and cozy? From your Entertaining Guide.

First Juice
First Juice sells organic fruit and vegetable juices made with less sugar. Aside from product quality, one of the interesting things about this company is the packaging. One of their options is single serve spill-proof, re-usable bottles with sippy tops. Perfect to serve at play dates or young birthday parties.

All That Stuff
Party supply source for all your child's favorite themes. Also supplies for baby showers.

Awesome Personalized Party Favors
Personalized party favors, wedding favors and gifts. Everything costs under $5  and is personalized with a name or message for your party's theme and colors.

Birthday Express
A great source for children's party supplies. Includes invitations, themes, paper goods, costumes, gifts, activities, and favors.

Birthday Party Games Lady
This lady sells birthday party game idea packages. You'll receive your game online and it will include ideas for games, food, decorations and shopping lists.

Birthday Parties for Children
A page of creative party ideas, tips and games from AmazingMoms.com.

Birthday Party Ideas
There are many parent-submitted ideas for theme parties for kids. You are also free to submit your own party ideas to share with others here.

Boardman's Birthday Party Ideas
Ideas for a whole range of theme parties for kids with detailed instructions on how to put them together.

Fun Attic Game and Activity Guide
Game ideas for all ages. Some games tie into the unique products they sell.

Here's a rundown of the procedures for classic kids' party games.

Hullaballoo Party Rental
This company rents inflatable bounces and mazes in the Columbia, South Carolina area. But this site also offers a U.S. directory of moon bounce rental companies and ideas for children's party games.

Kids Parties Connections
This site runs a directory of local party organizers for over two dozen states. They also give suggestions for birthday presents, and have information on famous birthdays and birthday traditions from around the world.

Once Upon a Time
This Oregon company organizes tea parties for children with a selection of themes.

Murder Mystery Parties for Kids
This site sells a wide variety of mystery party packages geared toward young children. The themes are wide ranging from princess to pirate to Egyptian and everything in between. Dig deeper on the site and you'll also find parties for teens and adults.

Oriental Trading Company
This is the place to turn for goody bags and all the things with which to fill them. Also, party decorations, dress-up accessories and seasonal decorations can be found here.

How to host your own water park theme party at home.
Bring the water park to your backyard with this fun theme party.

This site is dedicated to kids' parties and has lots of ideas and supplies to help get you through the big event.

Party Poopers on the Web
This company that runs wacky kids parties in NYC now has online catalog of unusual party supplies and favors.

Theme Plans
Party ideas from PartyWorks.com. They sell supporting materials for many of their theme suggestions.

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