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Cheese: General Information

Nutritional breakdowns, history, descriptions, encyclopedias and much more information of a general nature related to cheese.

Recipes for Cheese Dips for Parties
Cheese dip recipes that will keep your guests coming back for more, whether at a sports party, a super bowl party, or any time they feel a snack attack hitting.

Review of "The Cheese Lover's Cookbook and Guide"
If you love cheese you'll want to learn more about this cookbook.

Fromages.com - Cheeses Delivered to Your Door
An interview with Marc Refabert, founder of Fromages.com a company that delivers an infinite variety of French cheeses to your doorstep, by Debra Weber, About Guide to French Cuisine.

Pairing Wine and Cheese
Stacy Slinkard, About's Guide to Wine shares specific suggestions for wine and cheese combinations.

Behold The Power of Cheese
A wonderful site by the American Dairy Association which provides a wealth of information on cheese including profiles of different varieties, FAQ's, history and storage tips.

Sargento Cheese Culinary Center
Sargento Cheese offers nutritional information, cooking tips, information on wine and cheese pairings and recipes on their site.

If you're looking for information on french cheeses or to purchase some online, this is an elegant place to begin.

The History of Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese
The origins of "one of the world's most highly prized cheeses".

A large variety of cheeses are available for purchase at this site in coordination with Amazon.com.

Facts ranging from the making of Parmigiano Reggiano and branding the trademark to marketing information.

Queso: A Guide to Hispanic Cheeses
A helpful guide to Mexican and Caribbean cheeses which defines the most popular varieties and divides them into groups which describe their best uses.

Stilton - Britain's Historic Blue
Recipes, cutting tips, distributors and other information related to stilton cheese.

The Story of Real California Cheese
A variety of information on California's cheeses including their cheesemaking history, types of cheese and tips on cooking, choosing and serving.

What's In Your Cheese?
A source of information on vegetarian cheeses including a list of companies which produce them.

World of Cheese Encyclopedia
iGourmet.com presents this encyclopedia, divided by country, describing cheeses from around the world.

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