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Create a Sweet Baby Buggy Centerpiece

Create Your Own Inexpensive Centerpieces


An Elegant Baby Buggy with Roses

An Elegant Baby Buggy with Roses

Donna Pilato

When most people think about centerpieces, the first thing that comes to mind are basic floral arrangements. But it's really very simple to create centerpieces that are more original, and possibly less expensive than a floral centerpiece. I've put together ideas for baby shower centerpieces that can be assembled from items that are easy to purchase at your local florist, supermarket, party shop, and baby store. They won't take you any time to assemble, and will have all of your guests hoping that they will be lucky enough to get to take one home.

None of these should cost you any more than $15. The only exception might be this first centerpiece that includes roses and an unusual basket. But I couldn't resist showing it to you anyway because it was such a standout and is very simple to create.

I picked up this first centerpiece at a baby shower I recently attended. The mother-to-be knows she is expecting a girl, hence the shower was all in pink. The charming baby buggy basket was spray-painted with pink. A plastic dish with a piece of floral foam was inserted into the center of the basket and held the beautiful pink, white and lavender roses, baby's breath and greenery. A pink bow was tied to the top of the basket with a piece of floral wire. It looked very elegant on the tables, and although it was purchased at a florist, it wouldn't be difficult to assemble at home.

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