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A Housewarming Party

Part 2 - Other Details for Your Party and The Menu


A Housewarming Party

Say goodbye to the moving trucks and hello to your friends at your housewarming party.

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Since guests will be walking about and inspecting your home during your housewarming party, this is an ideal situation for casual, finger foods. Serve different choices in each room. Then, as they discover your rooms, there will be edible surprises as well.


Do not expect gifts. Although gifts are customary, they should never be expected. The good wishes of your friends should be enough.

On the other hand, if you will be a guest at a housewarming and are looking for gift ideas, visit Interior Decorating Guide Coral Nafie for gift suggestions.


Special party decorations are unnecessary. You don't want to detract from the features of your new home. A few cheery floral arrangements will be more than enough to gild the lily.

A Finger Food Menu for a Housewarming

Champagne Cocktail Punch - A festive occasion like this calls for a little bubbly.

Devilled Eggs

Coconut Crusted Fried Shrimp

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Egg, Nut and Mushroom Pate

Antipasto Martini

Lemon Butter Snowbars

Almond Macaroons

Assorted beverages including beer, wine, soda, coffee and tea.

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