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Mealtime Graces, Thanks and Blessings

Prayers, Blessings and Grace for Before and After Meals


Many households observe the tradition of pausing before a meal to give thanks for the food and other good things in their lives and on their tables. When entertaining, unless your religion has a specific guideline, you can be creative in deciding how mealtimes graces and blessings will be said.

  • One person - host, guest, or clergy - can say grace aloud for the group.
  • The group can say grace together - you might prepare copies of the prayer for each table in advance.
  • The children can say grace for the group.
  • Everyone can hold hands seated or standing around the table.
  • Each person can be given the opportunity to give thanks for something special.

Whether you are looking for a new prayer or can't remember all the words to a childhood favorite, the following links should provide plenty from which to choose.

Grace Before Meals - The traditional Catholic prayer before meals.

Grace Before Meals - Here is another traditional Christian origin prayer before meals that is perfect for children.

Graces, Blessing Eating in Different Cultural Traditions - Prayers from Native American, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, and Christian traditions.

Prayers - An eclectic selection of prayers including Buddhist, Native American and African American.

If you have any favorite mealtime prayers that have not been covered here, please submit them to your Guide using our User Submission Form and they will be added to this collection.

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