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A Caribbean Theme Dinner Party for Your Dinner Club

A Caribbean Dinner Party Menu


The Caribbean, like most tourist locales, has been influenced by the cuisines of many visiting cultures. But there are still many unique elements to Caribbean cuisine that set it apart. Some of these include tropical fruits, certain types of seafood such as conch, hot sauces and rum. For this month's menu I have included each of these items.

The Menu

Banana Daiquiri - Need I say more?

Conch Fritters - Plan ahead since you'll probably have to special order the conch.

Jerk Pork - Jerk is the wonderful Jamaican spice blend. You can adjust the heat by modifying the amount of chile peppers if anyone in your group is very sensitive to the heat.

Macadamia Crusted Yellowtail with Mango-Papaya Salsa - This recipe blends a number of flavors from the Caribbean.

Caribbean Cucumber Salad - Be careful, this refreshing salad bites back!

Virgin Islands Johnny Cakes - Although usually served as an "eat on the run" food in the Caribbean, this recipe will add to the educational value of your dinner.

Fried Plantains - Plantains often fulfill the starchy position of potatoes on a Caribbean platter.

Coconut Flan - You can't forget to include coconuts in your tasting of the tropics.

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