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Readers Respond: What Makes a Super Bowl Party Great

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Super Bowl parties are usually about much more than watching a football game. They're about watching the best teams of the season play one another; seeing the latest commercial ads; eating great food and drinks; hanging out in the company of fellow fans and other friends; playing party games; and so much more. So tell us about the best Super Bowl party you've ever hosted or attended and what made it such a great event.

Super Bowl Party Games

Super Bowl Parties are definitely a great time. We have everyone bring an appetizer. Lots of good food, drinks and friends. Plus we add to the football on TV by playing www.ipropfootball.com. They have a great game to get everyone at the party interacting and cheering many otherwise random events that happen during the game. Normally we wouldn't care who called the first timeout! We also enjoy the traditional Super Bowl squares - easy to create your board or you can download them all over the internet. Just remember to have the guests fill out all the squares before you put the numbers in the top row and first column.
—Guest MikeW

A little organization

We have an annual superbowl and poker game each year. It starts with an email to about 20 or so people a month before. With attrition and reduction it means that about 6-10 people will show up. This email also starts the confirmation for where it will be. 3 Weeks before we decide if it is potluck or catered, 2 weeks before we re-confirm and 1 week before we talk trash and start making the prop bets. We have a great guy who puts together a terrific excel spreadsheet with 10 to 20 prop bets that cover everything from 1st rushing touchdown to which guest star will appear with the main half-time show. Once we are all together the rest of the evening goes so great, and the prop bets make it fun even for non-sports minded attendee's because they might not know the game but they know when their bet is coming up.
—Guest Ben

super bowl party ideas

We have contests and games and I found a great idea for no bake desserts that you can color in the team colors here: http://www.celebrationideasonline.com/super-bowl-party-ideas.html
—Guest carrie55

This takes the cake

During the 1995 super bowl, when the Cowboys played the Steelers, I attended a party where the hostess made an elaborate cake with the helmets of both teams. A couple of the guests (who may have had too much to drink) were pretending to run a football play and getting down in their "stances." They hiked an imaginary ball and flew into each other. Unfortunately one of the guys lost his balance and flew right into the card table that the cake was on. The cake hit the floor icing first and was ruined. We laugh about it now, but those two guys were black-listed for quite awhile!!!

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