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Readers Respond: Favorite Drinking or Family-Friendly Party Games

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Party games are a way for friends to share some extra fun when they get together. Some friends turn to drinking games and others share more family friendly games. What have been some of the more popular, successful games you've played at parties? Share Your Favorite Games

it can work

you can make a grid and ask all these questions about what could happen and who ever wins gets candy or quarters
—Guest football 101

Commercial Bingo

I gave everyone a blank bingo card. I printed then off the internet. I gave them a list of possible commercial sponsors like Ford, Coke, Doritos, GoDaddy.com anyone that they think might have a commercial in the super bowl. They pre fill out their cards before the game, everyone pays a dollar to play and then you mark off your cards as the commercial airs. You decide on what kind of bingo wins. Makes it fun for the people that come along but don't care about the game.
—Guest Terri

Party Game "taste test"

At our party we will be having a taste test. I plan to serve 2 or more different drinks in clear plastic cups and ask them to label it correctly. Each guest will have their own set of drinks. Using soda for the kidos.
—Guest LaRee

You might consider an iPad trivia game?

Try CrowdGame Trivially... it's a free iPad game where up to 11 people can ring in their answers using the mobile browser on their smart phones. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crowdgame-trivially/id477571106?mt=8 Or visit http://crowdgame.com for more info.
—Guest Crowdgame

EXCITING football party game

Our game is called SportsActionBoard. It's a game played while watching a LIVE football telecast. Basically, 2+ players sit in front of the TV with our game and make predictions on what they think will happen NEXT in the game. There are tons of options to choose from and the tougher the call, the higher the odds. Check us out at sportsactionboard.com.
—Guest SAB


I don't think these ideas are very good ones. Not a big deal, but they just don't sound very fun. Other, better fun games would be things like checkers, where every first down gained is a king move, and every touchdown you take a piece away. Or dice, where you have to roll six or twelve for every multiple of three that is scored. I think these are a lot more fun than the ones Donna posted. Not hating, just saying. Or like hopscotch, where every odd number represents the total yardage gained by an upback, while the yardage total is subtracted from the number of times you get to throw a stone. Something like that.
—Guest GeeMe

Favorite Super Bowl Party Game

Definitely the best game I've played at a Super Bowl Party was ipropfootball.com. Everyone at the party could play, the host of the party had some great prizes for the winner and there was alot of laughter when we were all riveted for the result of the coin toss and the other random events during the game.
—Guest PeytonManning

drinking to shots on goal

we picked a bad game to try this. it was the NHL all-star game. wow! no defense at all. i don't remember the 3rd period:)
—Guest tommyw

Share Your Favorite Games

Favorite Drinking or Family-Friendly Party Games

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