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Readers Respond: Best Ways to Make Short Work of Cleaning Before a Party

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From the article: Do a Last Minute Clean-Up
Most people would agree that one of the less pleasant tasks when preparing for a party is the need to clean and tidy your home. We want to put our best foot forward when we invite others into our home, and that usually necessitates at least a little tidying up of the everyday mess. Each of us has a few shortcuts for making our homes presentable, which is why we might learn something from one another. That's why I invite readers to share their tips for making light work of pre-party cleaning.

Cleaning Tips

For when the guests are already there... I keep a damp mop in the kitchen for "drips" no bending down just a fast wipe.

Cleaning for guests

I use to wear myself out cleaning, so when the guests came I wanted them to go at 8 o'clock. Now I straighten the pillows on the couches,give the coffee table a once over, check the bathroom, make sure the dishwasher is empty. Do the bigger cleaning a few days before.
—Guest Diane Smith

"powder room" tip

When making last minute rounds in the powder rooms, I always make sure there is a new roll of toilet paper on the spindle-of all times, don't want to run out now!
—Guest cjm

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