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Readers Respond: Tips for Making Entertaining Easier and More Successful

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From the article: Party Checklist
No matter how big or small your party is, there's a certain degree of work involved with planning a successful party. What strategies do you have to make entertaining easier, pre or after party cleaning go faster, food preparation simpler, and for guests to have more fun? Share Your Best Tips

Large Group Buffet

To avoid the necessity of sitting at a table to eat, I prepare an assortment of finger foods. Even those items that are typically served as casseroles are prepared in cup cake tins, Mac Cheese, enchiladas, desserts etc. Contents are prepared the day before and the day of the party, just fill the tins and bake before serving.
—Guest Amanda

Do the Prep

I put together as many dishes as I can the day before so all I have to do it pop things in the oven or on the table on the big day. This can even include putting sugar in the bowl and cream in the pitcher, cranberry mold on its serving dish. For things that can't be totally prepped ahead, I do parts in advance (saute the veggies for the stuffing, etc.) That way most of the clean-up is done, too.
—Guest thosbandm

Make it look Pretty

I clean the dishes, polish the silver, etc. and cover it all! That way I have all I need to set the table when I'm super busy cooking.
—Guest cybrcook

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Tips for Making Entertaining Easier and More Successful

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