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Readers Respond: Your Unique Family Prayers of Thanks and Blessings

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Many religions and cultures have their own traditional blessings and prayers of thanks before or after meals. But some families also have their own special traditions before starting a meal. It may be as informal as taking turns around the table to express gratitude, or it may be a tradition that's been passed down for generations. Does your family have special prayers, blessings or customs before meals?

mealtime prayer -sung

"Give thanks to the mother earth, give thanks to to the father sun, give thanks to the plants in the garden where the mother and the father are one"
—Guest susan

mealtime prayer

Father, we thank thee--embrace our loving circle with thy grace. Send us mercy from thy store, bless us each one evermore- Amen
—Guest Roy Bergman


What prayer includes "---embrace our loving circle with thy grace, send us mercy from thy store, bless us each one evermore , Amen"?
—Guest Roy Bergman

God Makes You to Act

All are instruments in the hands of God Almighty has sent us to find the ultimate truth
—Guest jhumu

Bless this Food

Thank you god for this food, thank you god for the preparer, thank you god for everything. Amen.
—Guest sandra denise

Buddhist Prayer before Meals

This food is a gift from the whole universe, the Earth, the sky, and much labour and suffering. May we be worthy to receive it. May we take only those foods which promote health and well-being. May we eat only enough food and be aware of our greed. May the benefit from this food be used to help all sentient beings find peace and happiness.
—Guest valebeattied

Prayer before eating

Heavenly Father, thank you for the food we are about to eat. Please bless to our mouths and sanctify it to our bodies, in Jesus' name! Amen

Mealtime Prayer

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest, let this food to us be blessed. Alternative wording: Come Lord Jesus, be our guest, let this food and us be blessed.
—Guest katherine

Christian Story writer

Bless us this day for our daily food. We love you with all our heart and soul! God bless, Judith K. Nelson
—Guest Judith K. Nelson

Multifaith Prayer

I come from a multi-faith family (everything from wiccan to Catholic) and our favorite mealtime thanksgiving is: Thank you Father Thank you Mother For this food And for each other It is simple, meaningful, and heartfelt. A perfect grace.
—Guest Piti

Prayer before starting meal

Well, I am Muslim and we alway do short pray before eating any thing. We just say Bismillah, It means "In the name of Allah(God) who give us food today agian. It just belief and trust. When we have dinner, we put all the dishes on the round table and each family member start together. It is sign of unity and strenthen the relationship as strong as our joint family tree system.

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