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Reader Submissions: Show Off Your Decorated Cakes


A special decorated cake takes a lot of time, love, and creativity. After putting in all of that, bakers deserve to show off a little bit! Take a peek at the special decorated cakes created by other readers and you might find inspiration for your next great cake creation.

Show Your Cake Creation

Girlie Cowgirl Cake

I iced it with butter cream frosting on bottom layer. The top layer I used a round bowl, then cut it to look like a hat. I covered it with fondant. I rolled the edges with paper towel rolls. The bott…More

Boy Birthday Party Lego Cake

I have a tutorial on site! http://my-little-kitchen.com/2014/01/12/lego-cake-tutorial/Covered the cake with white fondant about 3/4 of the surface.Made lego pieces from fondant and covered the rest o…More

Phantom of the Opera 40th Birthday Cake

Since there were 75 people attending, I wanted to make a 3 tiered cake, but lacked a vehicle to transport it. (I did not want to stack the cake at the party).Therefore, I used a floating stand. There…More

Puppy Diaper Cake

Use cloth and ribbon to cover a styrofoam disk. Use the same fabric to cover a block to hold the stuffed animal in place. Make the heart using poster board covering it with the same fabric on the sid…More

Lollos and Lettie Theme Birthday Cake

This one took me 8 hours, I baked 6 layers of each size in 6 different colours. I stacked the layers and put fondant over them. Finally, I put on the rainbow with fondant and my mother made the Lollo…More

Baby Girl Pink Diaper Cake

Used Donna's diaper cake "recipe," with modifications. I chose to use the 3-tier approach, but wanted to make the whole thing stronger by using some cardboard below each of the 3 tiers. Doing this el…More

Chinese New Year Dragon Cake

My 12-year-old daughter and I decorated this cake for a Chinese New Year's party. We cut two bundt cakes to form the body. Coated with red butter-cream icing, then added red candy-melt scales that we…More

Spider Cake for Halloween

1. Make MMF (Marshamallow Fondant) with 1 bag of Mashmallow, Confectioner's sugar and 2 Tbs of water. Colored them to black, orange and red.2. Bake the cake as directed.3. Carve cakes as spider shape…More

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Birthday Cake

I just used Betty Crocker cake mix..bottom is a 2 layer marble cake with the hat being a 3-layer small round strawberry cake. I used lollipop sticks to hold it together. The icing is whipped icing in…More

Dr. Seuss Theme Birthday Cake

1. Make fondant a week before2. Bake the cake3. Cover it with icing and put it in Refrigerator for over 5 hours4. Roll fondant and cover the cake5. Make small figures with fondant - Thing 1 and Thing…More

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake for a Pirate Theme Birthday Party

1. Bake the Cake, Carve the cake with a ship shape2. Put icing on the cake3. Keep it in Refrigerator for 24 hours4. Make small a treasure box, pirates, cannon, cannon balls etc.5. Cover the cake with…More

Three Year Old Train Cake

Make a vanilla cake mix or other flavour and put it in a silcon cake tray as you would for any cake. After it cools, decorate as you like. Use smarties for train wheels and pick colors that children …More

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