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Entertaining: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How a Request for an RSVP is a Call to Action
All about what RSVP means when you see it on an invitation and how you are supposed to respond.
Unique Ideas for Celebrating a 50th Birthday
How to plan an impressive party for a 50th birthday.
Throwing a Party? Here's How Much Food to Buy
How to plan the amount of food you need for a party.
How to Host a Fabulous (Not Fussy) Tea Party
How to throw an afternoon tea party with recipe suggestions and lessons in brewing the perfect pot of tea.
Throwing a Party? Here's How to Figure Out How...
A guide to how many drinks you should buy to serve guests at your party. How much wine, beer, cocktails and other beverages you'll need to buy.
A Great Teen Party Idea for the Warm Months
How to host a bonfire party for teens.
Baby Shower Game: Parent Trivia
A trivia game for a baby shower.
How to Plan a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Everything you need to know to plan a 50th wedding anniversary party.
Fun Mad Lib Game for Baby Showers
A Mad Lib for a baby shower. Entertaining.
Quiet Crowd? Get the Party Started with an Ice...
How to warm up your next party, group, meeting or training session with ice breaker party games.
How to Make a Baby Shower Diaper Cake
Learn how to make a diaper cake for a baby shower centerpiece or gift by following these very simple instructions.
Want to Host a Successful (but not Cheesy)...
Guidelines on what is a murder mystery dinner party and how to host a murder mystery dinner party.
Jack and Jill Bridal Shower Not-Yet-Newlywed Game
Play this game at a Jack and Jill shower and let the couple learn more about one another.
20 Tea Sandwiches to to Make Any Occasion Special
Creative ideas for these bite-sized snacks that are great at any time of day, and that can be used at any kind of party.
Music Ideas for a Hawaiian Luau
How to plan the menu for a Hawaiian Luau. Page 3.
Menu Ideas for an Afternoon Tea Party
A perfect menu for an afternoon tea party.
Fun Games for a Bridal Shower
Fun games for bridal showers that will keep the guests as entertained as the bride.
How to Plan a Better Bridal Shower
How to plan a traditional bridal shower with menu and decorating ideas.
Tips for Hosting a Successful Housewarming Party
A party plan for hosting a Housewarming Party with recipes and menu ideas.
How to Write a Thank You Letter
The proper etiquette for writing thank you notes along with sample letters for job interviews, wedding gifts, shower gifts and more.
Prayers, Blessings and Grace for Before and...
Mealtime blessings, thanks and graces that can be said before meals for various religions including Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Native American.
How to Write a Party Invitation
How to write an invitation with all of the details you need to put on it.
Delivery Statistics Baby Shower Guessing Game
Delivery statistics baby shower guessing game.
Bridal Shower Games
Bridal shower games to play while the bride is opening her gifts.
Plan a 100th Birthday Celebration
Ideas for hosting a 100th birthday party.
The Classic July 4th Barbecue
A classic American menu for a July 4th barbecue.
Potluck Party Theme Suggestions
Themes that will add fun and creativity to your next potluck party.
Bridal Shower Trivia Game
A bridal shower ice breaker game where guests answer trivia questions to see how well they know the bride and groom.
How to Celebrate a Milestone Birthday
How to host a milestone birthday party celebration.
Creative Musical Party Games for Kids
How to host a musical games and dance party for children.
Plan a Swanky Cocktail Party
How to host a cocktail party with party planning tips, trendy cocktail suggestions and cocktail party menu ideas with recipes.
Host a Murder Mystery Party for Your Tween or...
Everything you need to know to host a mystery party for your kid's birthday party.
Host a Make-Your-Own Taco Party
How to host a Make-Your-Own Taco Party.
How to Host a Bridal Shower Tea Party
Make the next bridal shower you host a tea party.
The Best Way to Meet your Neighbors
A simple guide to the steps you need to take to organize a neighborhood block party.
Make a Splash with this Cool Pool Party
Plan your pool party with these tips for invitations, decorations, music, and the menu.
A Mall Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party
How to host a mall scavenger hunt birthday party.
Bruschetta Appetizers
A collection of recipes for bruschetta, an Italian appetizer that lends itself to many variations.
Plan a Summer Barbecue
How to plan a Summer Barbecue. Entertaining.
How to Play the 'Clothespin Game' at a Bridal...
A bridal shower ice breaker game where guests need to watch their words or lose it all!
Host a Summer Tapas Party
How to plan and host a Summer Tapas Party.
20 Fun Baby Shower Games
Add extra fun to the next baby shower you host by having your guests play some of these very popular games.
Do's and Don'ts for Hosting an Office Shower
This article provides guidance on planning a bridal or baby shower in the office environment.
How to Write an Invite for a Sprinkle Baby Shower
Sample invitation wording for a baby shower when it isn't the mother's first baby.
How to Plan a Potluck Party
How to organize a potluck party with recipe suggestions and organizing tips.
How Do I Estimate How Much Alcohol I Need for...
How to decide how much alcohol to buy for a party.
Top Summer Party Ideas that Won't Break your...
Ideas for hosting a summer party while keeping to your budget and not overspending on your party.
Cucumber and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich Recipe
Cucumber and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich Recipe
Baby Shower Cake Photos - Be Inspired by Baby...
Photos of baby shower cakes made by readers. Find ideas for making your own baby shower cake.
Bridal Shower Party Favor Ideas
Party Favor ideas for bridal showers of different themes.
Thank You Notes - How Soon Should I Expect to...
What's the proper timing for sending out thank you notes?
Birthday Party Planning Guide
All the resources you need to plan a birthday party for that someone special in your life including theme ideas and birthday cake suggestions.
A Greek Dinner Party
Bring a taste of the sunny Mediterranean to your home with these recipes, tips, and decorating ideas for a Greek dinner party.
Toasts for All Occasions
How to make a toast for any special occasion.
A Titanic Dinner Party
A dinner party to celebrate the dinners on the great Titanic.
Kid Birthday Party Cake Gallery
Enjoy these photos of birthday cakes that were baked by readers for their kids' birthday parties.
Human Bingo Ice Breaker Party Game
A party ice breaker game that is like playing bingo.
What to Pack for a Picnic at a Winery
What to bring along for a picnic at the winery.
Funeral Etiquette and Mourning Rituals in...
Information on the social etiquette of rituals and traditions associated with funerals and mourning in Christianity and Judaism.
Progressive Dinner Parties
Tips for organizing a progressive dinner party and a menu for a Harvest Themed Dinner Party.
How to Write and Choose Baby Shower Invitations
A guide to online invitations for baby showers that can be customized and personalized.
An Oktoberfest Party
How to host your own Oktoberfest party.
Easy Summer Party - A Refreshing Summer Luncheon
Here's a refreshing summer luncheon menu. Find a lazy, summer weekend day, and invite over your best pals to cool down with these easy lunchtime recipes.
The Steps for Planning a Graduation Party
Questions you'll need to consider as you plan a graduation party.
How to Plan Your Family Reunion
Basic steps for planning your family reunion.
Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples
Sample invitation wording for a baby shower when the mother is expecting a baby girl.
Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Games
Ideas for adding extra laughs with bachelor party games.
Ideas for Throwing a Bachelor or Bachelorette...
Ideas for how to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party.
Potluck Etiquette - The Rules for a Great...
Rules for a great potluck party. Potluck considerations for both hosts and guests.
Topics for Conversation
Topics that will help the conversation get started at your next party.
Baby Word Scramble Shower Game
A word scramble game for baby showers.
How to Write an Invitation
A simple How to on the information needed in an invitation, from your About.com Guide
Host a New England Clambake for a Refreshing...
How to host a New England Clam Bake party.
A Texas Barbecue Theme Dinner Party
Find out what Texas barbecue is really all about with ideas for planning a Texas barbecue dinner party. With decoration, music and menu ideas
Ahoy Mateys - Plan a Pirate Party!
How to plan a pirate theme party with a pirate menu, invitation, and decoration ideas.
An Outdoor Movie Night Party
How to plan an Outdoor Movie Night Party.
catholic prayers, mealtime prayers, catholic...
A traditional Catholic Church prayer before meals.
RSVP - What Does RSVP Mean and How Does a Host...
RSVP - What Does RSVP Mean and How Can a Host Get RSVP Responses from Guests
How to Brew a Proper Cup of Tea
A simple How to on brewing a proper cup of tea, from your About.com Guide
Classic Chicken Salad Tea Sandwich Recipe
Classic Chicken Salad Tea Sandwich Recipe
Top Supplies For Picnics
Everything you need to take with you to picnics.
Create a Diaper Wreath for the Mother-to-Be
Supplies you will need to create a diaper wreath. Page 2.
How to Plan a Summertime Potluck Party
Tips for how to organize a summertime potluck party including appetizer, first course, and main course recipes that are perfect for a summertime potluck.
A Caribbean Theme Dinner Party for Your Dinner...
How to host a Caribbean theme dinner party for your dinner club group.
Easy Summer Party - An Easy Summer Brunch Menu
Enjoy this tasty summer brunch menu. Pick an unscheduled Saturday morning and invite over your friends to enjoy this menu that takes advantage of summer produce.
Party Countdown Checklist for a Casual Party
A checklist for your casual party as you count down to the fun event.
Host a Beach Party and Make it Fun and Relaxing...
Plan a party on the beach for a little summertime fun in the sun.
A Rustic Italian Dinner Theme Party
How to host a Rustic Italian Dinner Theme Party.
Scavenger Hunt Bridal Shower Game
A bridal shower ice breaker game where guests participate in a seated scavenger hunt.
Tips for Cleaning your House Before, During,...
Tips for cleaning your house before, during, and after your party.
Can I Ask Guests to Share the Bill?
Answer to the frequently asked question about whether it's okay to ask guests to pay their own way at a party you're hosting.
A Trick to Make Guests RSVP to Your Invitation
A trick to make guests RSVP to your invitations.
Where in the World are Your Guests?
How to give good directions to your parties and links to driving direction websites.
A Raclette Party
Instructions and recipes for hosting a raclette party.
A Fun Party Icebreaker Game for Tweens
A fun party icebreaker game for tweens that will help to get the party started.
Easy Balloon Baby Shower Centerpiece
Easy ideas for baby shower centerpieces that you can make yourself, with photo examples. Here is an easy balloon centerpiece. Page 2.
How to Word a Baby Shower Invitation
Sample invitation wording for a baby shower when it isn't known whether a boy or girl is expected.
Sweet 16 Parties - Part 1
Look here for lots of ideas for Sweet 16 celebrations.
A Fairytale Theme Party
How to plan a fairytale theme party.
A Thai Dinner Party
How to host a Thai dinner party including table setting ideas, menu, and recipes.
Who Am I? Baby Shower Game
Baby shower game - Who am I? Entertaining.
Plan Your Pirate Party Menu!
How to plan a pirate theme party menu with recipes. Page 2.
Create a Sweet Baby Buggy Centerpiece
Easy ideas for baby shower centerpieces that you can make yourself, with photo examples. This one is a baby buggy basket with roses.
An Italian American Dinner Party
An Italian dinner party menu that recreates the traditions of an Italian American family dinner.
Traditional Prayer Before Meals
A traditional Christian mealtime prayer that is good for young children and families.
Summer Birthday Party Favor Ideas for Children
Party favor ideas that are perfect for summer birthday party themes.
Old-Fashioned Cocktail
Recipe for an Old-Fashioned cocktail made with Four Roses.
Fun Games for Your Super Bowl Party
Here are suggestions for games you can play with your guests at your next Super Bowl or football party.
How To Create a Formal Place Setting
15 simple steps in 5 minutes provide a road map of how to organize your best china, crystal and silver for a formal meal.
An Elegant Birthday Celebration
Recommendations for hosting an elegant birthday dinner with menu and recipes.
Recipe for Egg Salad Tea Sandwich
Egg Salad Tea Sandwich Recipe. Entertaining.
Matching Momma and Baby Animals Baby Shower Game
Animal mommies and babies baby shower game
A Nifty Fifties Soda Fountain Theme Party
How to host a fifties theme party for a milestone birthday or a kid or teen party.
Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples for...
Sample invitation wording for a baby shower when the mother is expecting a baby boy.
Top Tips for Great Summer Parties
Tips to make your summer parties a success.
A Girls' Night Tupperware or Similar Party
At some point in every grown woman's life she will be invited to attend a Tupperware or similar party. There are many companies that offer business opportunities involving in-home sales.
Hostess Gifts on a Budget
Affordable hostess gift ideas. Entertaining.
Gourmet Dinner Clubs
How to organize a gourmet dinner club.
How to Host a Mustache Theme Party
A plan for a mustache theme party that's fun for all ages.
Money Saving Party Ideas
How to plan a party that fits in your budget.
Recipe for an Unforgettable Party
The steps needed to throw a memorable party.
Celebrate the Mom-to-Be
Everything you need to know to plan a baby shower.
Must Have Games for Outdoor Parties
Great party games to have on hand for outdoor parties.
Planning a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Party
How to plan your child's bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party. How to choose the date, plan the venue, choose the theme, food and beverage options, entertainment choices, and invitations.
'A Sex and the City' Party - Girls' Night In
Ladies, get your best girlfriends together for a party like the gal pals in 'Sex and the City'.
Tips for Planning Your Party Menu
Tips for making party menu planning easier, as well as making life easier once the party's over.
Other Important Details to Plan for a...
Invitation, Menu and Entertainment Ideas for Planning a Graduation Party. Page 2.
Hosting a Bachelor Party
A variety of ideas for hosting a bachelor party. Page 2.
Plan a Picnic Dinner in the Park
Tips and advice for bringing a picnic dinner to the park.
Should My Host Open the Wine I Brought to the...
Answer to the frequently asked question about whether a guest should expect their wine gift to be opened and served at the party.
Baby Shower Favors
A guide to online favors for baby showers that can be customized and personalized, along with ideas for making your own baby shower favors.
Tomato and Orzo Salad
This large salad recipe comes to us courtesy of Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine . It serves 20 people
Host a "Stock the Pantry" Bridal Shower
This tip was submitted by Virginia. I recently hosted what I feel is an innovative theme for a bride
Halloween Party Games for Kids
A collection of Halloween party games that are suitable for kids.
A Guest Book to Remember
How to create a memorable guest book for a party.
Top 10 Ways to Be a Good Guest
Being a good guest is just as important as being a good host or hostess. Here are ways to make sure you get a return invitation.
Host a Fun Fondue Party with These Recipes
How to host a fondue party with links to many recipes. Page 2.
Is It Necessary to Give Guests a Party Favor?
Reader question about whether party favors are necessary.
Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Links
A collection of links to help you plan your daughter's Sweet 16 celebration, with ideas for menus, themes, and sources for party supplies.
Easy Party Appetizers 2
More Ideas for the Easiest Party Appetizers you can serve.
Keeping Tidy During Your Party
How to keep things neat, tidy and comfortable while hosting a party.
Baby Shower Cakes
You'll find recipes, ideas, and supplies for creating special cakes for the next baby shower your host.
The South Beach Diet Parties & Holidays...
Review of The South Beach Diet Parties & Holidays Cookbook by Arthur Agatston, MD
Creating Simple Sensational Centerpieces
How to create centerpieces that are sensational and simple to create.
You Don't Say Baby, Baby Shower Game
Baby shower game - You Don't Say Baby.
Fun Ideas for a Bachelorette Party
How to host a memorable, fun bachelorette party for the bride. Page 3.
How to Plan a 1960's - 1970's Flower Child...
How to Plan a 1960's - 1970's Flower Child Theme Party including decorations, crafts, games, food, and music.
Top 10 Favorite Tips for Easy Entertaining
Best tips for making it easier to host a party.
Using Nametags as Party Ice Breakers
A reader tip for using name tags as ice breakers at your party
Host a Chinese Dinner Party
How to host a Chinese Dinner Theme Party.
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