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Valentine's Day Dinner Table Setting Ideas


Valentine's Day has to rank as the one holiday above all others where setting the mood on your table is of utmost importance. Here are some of my favorite items for creating the mood for romance on your Valentine's table.

1. Le Creuset Fondue Pot in Red

This traditional, cast iron fondue set comes with 6 forks and a stand. Purchase it in red, and help to set the mood for a fondue for two.
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2. Queen of Hearts Dessert Plates Set of 2

Serve your special Valentine's Day dessert on one of these delicate Wedgewood plates.

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3. Ornato Heart Pic

If you and your true love will be kicking off the festivities with a martini, you'll want to indulge your mood with a pair of handcrafted, sterling silver, heart-design martini pics.

4. Kissing Candlesticks

Everyone knows that candlelight creates the most flattering ambience. With this pair of kissing candlesticks, you'll soon be in the mood to follow suit.
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5. Burton Red Heart Champagne Flutes

Toast to your love with this set of romantic champagne flutes with red hearts etched on the stem.

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