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Worst Foods to Serve on Valentine's Day

Only Serve these Foods if You Want to Kill the Mood for Romance


It's always a challenge to plan your menuwhen entertaining, but on Valentine's Day the decisions become even more complicated as we try to figure out the most romantic food to serve. But as you think about which ingredients will help to set the mood for romance, have you ever given thought to what would be ingredients to avoid? If not, we're here to help. Don't let any of these items accidentally slip into your menu this Valentine's Day - unless you're intentionally trying to spoil the mood for romance. But on any other day, these recipes are sure to be winners and a wonderful expression of love.

1. Bean Dishes - Not a Romantic Choice for Valentine's Day

Red Beans and Rice
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Beans could be considered a romantic choice on any other day in the year. It shows the person/or people for whom you're cooking that you care about their health. Their low fat, high protein, good nutrition content makes them a winner on any other day. Plus, there are so many tasty ways they can be prepared from casseroles to soups. But on Valentine's Day, you just might want to avoid their potential side effects if you're looking for a romantic conclusion to your meal. After all, it's better to play romantic music selections from your mp3 player than to listen to the dulcet tones created by this musical fruit.

2. Messy Food Like Spaghetti and Meatballs

Yummy but messy!
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After seeing "Lady and the Tramp" you may think that sharing a spaghetti dinner is a romantic way to dine on Valentine's Day. Well, it is if you don't mind spaghetti sauce stains splattering your beautiful white sweater. And how do you feel about reaching over to wipe the sauce off his chin - which he seems completely oblivious to wearing? It's wipe it or stare at it all night - not the best way to feel in the mood for amore.

3. Onions Are Probably not the Best Idea Either

A Refreshing Soup, Even if Pungent
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Onions are another ingredient that are chock full of health benefits, but I wouldn't recommend serving them on Valentine's Day. You risk greeting your date with red, puffy eyes after chopping up those raw onions for the fresh gazpacho you planned (it seemed like such a good Valentine-color soup), to knocking out one another with raw onion breath for the next few days. Save that tasty soup for a different holiday, such as July 4th, where you'll be staring at the sky instead of into each other's eyes.

4. Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage, Oh My!

It can get a little funky in the kitchen with this vegetable steaming.
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Oh my goodness, any health guide will tell you how healthy cruciferous vegetables are for you and your partner. Broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts and all the other vegetables that fall into this category will help you live a long and happy life together. Every day you might want to add some to your diet for the phytochemicals they contain and contribute to fighting cancer in your body. Unfortunately, if you have one of these veggies simmering on your stovetop as you set the romantic table for your Valentine's Day dinner, your partner's reaction might quickly change from a delighted "ah" to a turned-off "ew".

5. Garlic Might Be Another Mood Killer

Garlic is another ingredient that adds both taste and nutritional value to your cooking. It's low in fat but high in vitamins and minerals. The flavor it imparts to recipes is undeniable. However, most people fall into one of two camps - they can't get enough garlic, or they can't get far away enough from garlic. You wouldn't want to cook a dish with this tasty ingredient for a partner who won't go near the stuff because, after you eat it, your partner won't go near you!

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