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Romantic Table Decorating Ideas for Valentine's Day

It's Easy to Create the Mood for Romance on Valentine's Day


Mood, ambience, romance, there's no time when this is more important than on Valentine's Day. If you've worked hard to create a romantic dinner for your Valentine, you'll want to complete the picture by setting a romantic table. Here is a variety of table setting ideas for Valentine's Day, some are more romantic, others are sweet and lovely. None of these ideas are difficult or expensive to duplicate, leaving you to feel relaxed and free from stress - the most important thing for setting the stage from romance!

1. A Red and White Valentine's Day Table

Donna Pilato

Show your true passion on Valentine's Day with this red and white table setting. Learn more about how to create this romantic table idea.

2. Valentine's Day Candy Shop Table

Donna Pilato

Isn't candy one of the top things (after romance) that jump to mind on Valentine's Day? Conversation hearts, chocolates, chewy candies, the list of possibilities has expanded over the years. Use these sweet reminders of the season to demonstrate your affection to your sweetheart on this loving holiday.

3. Valentine's Day Candies and Candles Centerpiece Idea

Donna Pilato

Create a warm, romantic glow on your Valentine's Day table using a simple arrangement of votive candles and candies.

4. "Give Me a Kiss" Valentine's Day Table Setting Idea

Donna Pilato

Add a little sparkle to your romance with this simple idea for accenting your Valentine's Day table.

5. Roses and River Rocks Valentine's Day Centerpiece Idea

Donna Pilato

A small, low rose centerpiece is perfect for setting the mood as well as permitting lots of gazing at your Valentine.

6. Chain of Love Centerpiece Idea

Chain of Love Centerpiece Idea
Donna Pilato

Add a romantic flourish to your table with this table decoration sends a message to your sweetie.

7. Ring Around the Rose Petals

Ring Around the Rose Petals Valentine's Day Table Decoration Idea
Donna Pilato

Decorate your family's Valentine's Day dinner table with this charming idea. It's quite inexpensive and you can put it together quickly. Turn it into a project for little ones by having them help you create the hearts.

8. Heart Aflame Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Hearts Aflame Valentine's Day Centerpiece Idea
Donna Pilato

Show your sweetie how your heart(s!) have been kindles with love's flame.

9. Romantic Pink Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Romantic Pink Valentine's Day Centerpiece
Donna Pilato

Send a soft, sweet Valentine's Day message to your loved one with this romantic table centerpiece that chooses pink as the color accents.

10. Pink and Red Roses Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Pink and Red Roses Valentine's Day Centerpiece
Donna Pilato

There's no need to go to the expense of buying long-stemmed flowers on Valentine's Day. Especially when a lower height arrangement is better for focusing on your beloved.

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