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Valentine's Day Party Games for Kids

Forget the Romance, Let's Have Fun!


Mother and daughter making Valentines
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Young children may not be ready for romance, but they still enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day. With candy, hearts, and lots of hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad, they can enjoy this day dedicated to love as much as the adults. If you're planning a Valentine's Day party for children, whether at home, scouts, or in the classroom, these games will add some extra fun to the celebration.

Guess Who's Cupid - The adult in charge should secretly choose who will be the first Cupid. This can be done by tapping the child on the head while they all close their eyes, or putting blank slips of paper in a hat with one marked with a "C" for Cupid. Next ask the children to walk around shaking hands with one another. However, Cupid should gently tickle the palm of the hands that s/he shakes. If you've been tickled by Cupid, you need to sit down. The other players should try to guess who is Cupid before they are tickled too.

Valentine's Day Freeze Dance - Play age appropriate music for the children, preferably with the word love in the song. Before turning off the music, call out a Valentine word. When the music stops, the children should freeze in the shape of the word or the action implied by the word. Words can include: Valentine, cupid, arrow, hug, kiss, mailbox, secret, gift, etc. You can either have the kids who move sit out until there's one winner, or you can have all of them continue to dance and freeze just for fun.

Guess How Many Hugs and Kisses - Fill a large jar with Hershey's Chocolate Hugs and Kisses and have the children write down on a piece of paper (with their name) how many pieces of candy they think are in the jar. The winner gets to keep the jar.

Valentine's Day Hangman - Divide the children into teams and have them compete in a game of Valentine's Hangman where each team takes turns guessing letters. The team that first guesses the word or phrase is declared the winner. For younger children you can use the same words as listed in the Freeze Dance game above. For older kids and teens, you can make phrases such as "Be My Valentine", or even have them guess the names of famous celebrity couples in real life or movies such as "Troy and Gabriella" from High School Musical.

Conversation Heart Bingo - Using regular bingo cards, give each child enough conversation hearts to cover the spaces instead of using traditional markers. Naturally, they can eat the hearts after the last round has been called!

Don't Make Me Laugh - Sit the children in a circle and choose one child to be "it". Have that child walk around and dramatically blow kisses at the other children while trying to make them laugh. As the children laugh, they leave the circle. The last person left with a straight face wins and becomes the next "it."

Couples - Divide the children into teams to compete to see who completes the most "couples" first. You read the first half of the couple, they shout out the match. Here are common couples to get you started: Peanut Butter - Jelly; Soup - Sandwich; Hugs - Kisses; Fries - Ketchup; Spaghetti - Meatballs; Knife - Fork; Bread - Butter; Cookies - Milk; Hot Chocolate - Marshmallows; Oil - Vinegar; Salt - Pepper; Sausage - Peppers.

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