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Top 15 Thanksgiving Table and Kitchen Essentials


When Thanksgiving arrives, here are all the table and kitchen accessories you'll need for easy and elegant entertaining.

1. Spode Woodland Turkey Platter

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The centerpiece food of the day, the turkey, certainly deserves a platter befitting his grand entrance on Thanksgiving.
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2. A Gravy Boat

Keep the gravy moving around the table in its own little boat this Thanksgiving.
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3. All-Clad Stainless 11 x 14 Inch Everyday Roasting Pan with Rack

You'll want a large, sturdy roasting pan to support the weight of your turkey, along with handles that won't give as you're lifting it out of the oven.
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4. Wireless Oven Thermometer with Remote Pager

This digital thermometer will monitor the progress of your turkey while you visit with guests. Program it for type of meat, internal temperature and overall cooking time and it will send an audible alarm, making sure your bird isn't overcooked.
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5. Maple Turkey Carving Board

This is a large cutting board with a drip-catching trough around the edge and handles. Great for carving the bird while keeping the drips from running all over your table.
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6. Carving Knife Set

With the right set of tools, anyone can look like an expert as they carve the big bird at the table on Thanksgiving day.
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7. Good Grips Turkey Baster

Spare your floor the turkey grease this Thanksgiving. An essential kitchen tool, this turkey baster is extra clever because there is a flat side to the bulb to keep it from rolling off your counter.
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8. Electric Turkey Fryer

Frying your turkey has become a viable and popular option now that there are fryers especially designed for this purpose. Turkeys cook quickly and juicy when you use this method. And with an electric versus a propane fryer, you can fry this turkey in the comfort of your home, rather than hanging out in the back of your chilly yard.
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9. Riedel Amadeo Wine Decanter

I just love this stylish wine decanter from Riedel that looks like it defies gravity as it sits on your Thanksgiving table. It won't fit everyone's budget, but for those who can afford to purchase one, it will make a dramatic statement.
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10. A Hostess Set

As you set your Thanksgiving table, you'll want to remember the serving pieces so you don't have to scramble at the last minute when everything is ready to serve at the proper temperature. Be sure to have a spoon or fork handy for each of your main and side dishes.
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