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Top 10 Tea Pots and Other Tea Party Accessories


Hosting a tea party has become a very popular way to entertain. A tea party is perfect for a big event like a shower as well as an intimate sharing between a few friends. If you know someone who enjoys hosting tea parties, here are my favorite gift picks for this hostess.

1. Bodum Assam Press Tea Pot

This contemporary, stylish glass pot from Bodum would work well at any tea party. It operates on the same basis as Bodum's French coffee press. The leaves are placed in the strainer, inserted into the water in the tea pot, and when the tea has reached your desired strength, you push the plunger down to stop the brewing.
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2. Tea Party Green Teapot

This funky, ceramic teapot will give a fun splash of color to your tea table.
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3. Concert Teapot

I love this beautiful, artful tea pot. It's made of tempered glass and sits on a teak stand with a candle placed beneath to both illuminate the tea and keep it warm.

4. Pansy Chintz Tea Service for Four

Set a classic looking English tea table with this lovely pink floral tea sea.

5. Polish Pottery Stoneware Teapot

I love the beauty and durability of Polish stoneware. They are oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, plus they are individually handmade and painted. Whether you choose the classic peacock design, or a more original pattern, you won't regret this purchase.

6. Celadon Tea Set

An Asian-inspired tea set in the traditional Celadon color will be lovely for a tea party serving Chinese and Japanese teas. Four matching tea cups without handles complete the set.
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7. Reed and Barton Silver-Plated Tiered Serveware

Present your tea party treats on an elegant tiered server. This tiered, sterling silver-plated piece will look beautiful as well as save space on your table.

8. Country Tea Parties

This beautifully illustrated book will put you in the mood for a British style tea party. It offers monthly menus, tea lore, and entertaining tips for each theme. For example, August's tea theme is titled The Queen's Tea and gives recipes for tea sandwiches, lemon curd, curry puffs, and rosy sugar.
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9. Taking Time for Tea

This book carries an Asian flavor. It celebrates the relaxing aspects of serving and drinking tea. And to support that philosophy there are meditations through the book and recommendations for the various types of Asian tea.
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10. Tea With Friends

This book gives practical advice on setting a tea table, a guide to the various types of tea and a tea party theme for each month in the year. Each theme includes ideas for setting the table, a menu, a recipe, and activities to do during the party.
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