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Top 11 Hostess Gifts Under Forty Dollars


It's always a good idea to bring a small gift to your hostess when you're invited to a dinner or other party. Here are some of the most thoughtful gifts you can bring. Some are traditional, others are a little less conventional.

1. Wine Charms

These great little accessories make it possible to know which glass is yours after you've put it down.
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2. Gourmet Tea Set

Let your hostess treat herself as special as she treats you with this gourmet tea set that includes an individual tea pot/ mug, four small loose tea samples, and a guide to tea.
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3. Wilton Whoopie Pie Pan and Stonewall Kitchen Chocolate Whoopie Pie Mix

For the hostess that loves baking, this gift set will help her whip up one of the popular retro treats that make everyone feel like a kid again.

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4. Chocolate Gift Basket

A gift of chocolates is a traditional gift for a hostess. She may choose to share it with her guests. Or she may simply stash it away for herself. Either way, you'll bring a smile to her face with this gift.

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5. Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Soy Candle

There are good cooking smells and bad cooking smells. With one of these natural, non toxic soy candles, your host can choose which ones to enjoy and which to neutralize before guests arrive.

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6. Silpat Baking Mat

If your hostess enjoys baking cookies, she will really appreciate receiving one of these mats that takes away the risk of stuck cookies, and the mess of greasing baking sheets.
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7. A Bottle of Red Wine

This has always been a classic gift to bring to your hostess for a dinner invitation. However, don't expect her to serve it.. It may not go with her meal. And, after all, it's intended to be a gift for the hostess.

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8. Picture Frame

Your hostess will be ready to frame her favorite memory from the party you attended when you present her with a picture frame.
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9. Flowers

Sending a bouquet of flowers after you've been entertained has always been a great way to show your appreciation to your hostess.
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10. Kiehls Hand Lotion

After I've been cooking for days to prepare for guests, my hands begin to resemble sand paper. A gift of luxury hand lotion would show that my guest has recognized my efforts in the kitchen.
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11. 4 Jar Penzeys Spice Gift Box

Penzeys Spices offer a large selection of gift boxes to appeal to many cooking styles. Baking spices, spicy spices, everyday spices, and more can be found among these gift selections.

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