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Top 5 Multi-Purpose Fondue Sets


Fondue is a fun way to entertain. Decide whether you plan to cook only one type of fondue such as cheese, or all variations including meat and chocolate. Then select your set accordingly. Here are my favorite picks.

1. Fondue Pot by Le Creuset

Cheese Fondue
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This pot does an excellent job with all types of fondue. The enamel-coated, cast iron pot can be heated on the stove and then transferred to the burner at your table. The enamel coating is easy to clean. The pot comes in six fun colors and includes six stainless steel forks with colored ends.

2. Ruffoni Copper Pot Fondue Set

I just love the look of this artsy, Italian-crafted pot. Use the tin-lined pot for meat fondues, or drop in the removable porcelain insert for melting chocolate or cheese. Set also includes burner and six stainless steel forks.

3. Lazy Susan Fondue Set

Offered in either copper or stainless steel, the lazy Susan base gives easy access to the six ramekins that are included for sauces and condiments. For the extra money, the copper pot looks very dramatic on a tabletop. The copper pot is lined with stainless steel and has a porcelain handle and knob on its lid. Six fondue forks with color-coded tops complete either set.

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4. Chantal Classic Fondue Set

Enamel over carbon steel makes this pot dishwasher, freezer, stovetop, and oven safe. The two-quart capacity makes it roomy enough for all of your recipes. Includes three cans of burner paste, six forks, a glass stand and splatter guard.

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5. Stainless Steel Meat Fondue Set

For Chinese fondue or Bourguignonne you'll want a stainless steel set. This set has a 1 1/2-quart capacity, 6 forks,stainless steel burner and fuel.
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