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Party Supplies for an Oscars Viewing Party

Recreate the Red Carpet Experience at Your Oscars Party


You've invited friends over to watch the Oscars. You'd like to make the evening memorable by adding both glamour and fun to your party. That way guests will feel as though your party's the next best thing to being on the red carpet in Hollywood. If so, you'll want to set the stage for a fun night at the movies. Here's what you'll need.

1. Gold Accented Champagne Flutes

Gold Accented Champagne Flutes
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Your guests will feel extra special with one of these champagne glasses in hand. This set of 6 Italian, gold accented champagne flutes will reflect the glamour of Oscar at your party.

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2. Old Fashioned Popcorn Trolley

Old Fashioned Popcorn Trolley
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Create the movie theater experience at home with this popcorn trolley. This trolley pops three gallons of popcorn at one time. It includes a warmer and warming light to keep the popcorn warm. It also includes a stainless steel salt shaker, popcorn scoop, measuring cup, and spoon.

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3. Champagne Bucket

The champagne will be flowing in Hollywood all night, and so it should be at your party. Always keep a bottle on ice throughout your event and be ready to toast the wins of your favorite actors.

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4. Disposable Cameras

Give each guest a disposable camera as they arrive at your Oscars party. This way you can turn everyone into the paparazzi and a celebrity at the same time.
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5. Gold Stars

Add that Hollywood glitter to your party with an assortment of gold stars. Hang gold star cutouts from the ceiling; sprinkle gold stars on your table or buffet; make a gold star centerpiece.
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6. Black Table Linens

For a formal look, use black table linens on both your buffet and your guest tables.
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