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An Outdoor Movie Night Party

Take Advantage of Warm Summer Nights


Drive-in movies have become more difficult to find in recent years, and yet nostalgia remains for watching movies outside in the summertime. Luckily, today's technology makes it easier than ever to create your own outdoor movie party. This type of party is perfect for a personal family and friends event, or a neighborhood get together, and it's simpler to arrange than you might think.

Setting the Stage

Since this party will be held outside, and the lights will be low, decorations are almost unnecessary. However, you will have to pull out your technical skills, or enlist the help of a home theater buff to prepare for this party. You'll need:

A Screen - Create your own movie screen by using an inexpensive, king-size , flat, white bedsheet. Tack the top and bottom onto thin strips of wood. Drill holes in the top of the wood so that you can hang it from the side of a house, garage, or any other building large enough for the screen.

A Sound and Projection System - You'll need a home theater-in-a-box system including speakers and DVD player that is powerful enough to broadcast outside. You'll also need a video projector to connect to the DVD player to project the movie. Use 6-foot wooden stakes to mount your speakers around your seating area.

Chairs - Ask all your guests to bring lawn chairs unless you have enough to accomodate everyone. Families with young children might want to bring large blankets in case the kids become sleepy.

A Movie - Select a movie that is suitable for all age members at your party. Sometimes it's fun to go with a classic that no one has seen in years. Or choose a classic sci-fi B movie to recreate that nostalgic drive-in experience.

Insect repellant- Fight off the nightly mosquito attack. Offer spray-on insect repellant to your guests. Place citronella candles in a wide enough swathe around the viewing area to chase away the bugs.

Food and Snacks

  • Popcorn, and lots of it. Serve the popcorn in movie theater style boxes that can easily be found at party stores.
  • Movie theater size boxes of candy.
  • Hot dogs served in red plastic baskets.
  • Plates of nachos.
  • Ice cream bars.
  • Soft drinks.

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