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An American Idol Karaoke Party


An American Idol Karaoke Party

American Idol Karaoke Party

Donna Pilato
The success of the American Idol show reveals how many people secretly wish they could be a recording celebrity. And while very few individuals will make it through the grueling, often humiliating audition process to become part of the television competition, that doesn't mean many of us aren't still singing in our showers. So why not host your own American Idol party to let your friends show off their hidden talents to one another? They may not win a recording contract, but they're sure to have a lot of fun pretending that they will.

Setting the Stage

Create invitations that sound like a casting call for the show.

You're invited to try out for the next (Your Town) Idol Karaoke Competition
Where: At the Smith Family Studios located at 123 Main Street
There will be food, drinks, fun, prizes and, of course, great singing.

You can purchase licensed American Idol party goods Compare Pricesfor your party. Otherwise, go with blue and white decorations. Use confetti on your tables, and blue and white balloons.


Set-up a karaoke machine with popular music for all the idol hopefuls attending your party to sing.

Prepare a video camera for taping your "contestants."

Have ballots ready for voting in a variety of categories. These might be: loudest; funniest; most original; and best imitation. Since the contestants are your guests, I would avoid any cruel categories such as worst voice or most off-key!

Award prizes to the winners. These might include American Idol CD's, DVD's, or even iTunes gift cards.

The Menu

I've taken some liberty with the original names of these recipes to suit the theme!

Blue with Envy Cocktails - Your friends will soon forget their envy of the better voices after enjoying a few of these tequila cocktails.

The Competition Heats Up, Nachos - Choose your favorite nacho recipe from this collection.

You're the Bomb, Dawgs - Hot dog pieces wrapped in bacon. This crockpot appetizer can be made early in the day since it takes from 3 - 6 hours to cook.

Don't Be Such a Ham, Sandwiches - Choose from among these deliciously decadent French ham and cheese sandwiches, known as Croque Monsieur.

Darling, You're a Goddess, Green Goddess Salad - A popular salad that will be a hit at your party.

Flash Us That Cheesecake Smile - Chocolate cheesecake will sweeten the most sour notes.

Shakin' Up the Votes - Coffee Latte Shakes will add extra buzz to your party.

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