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Host a Primetime Emmys Viewing Party

A Party for One of Our Favorite Pastimes


Emmy Awards Statue

Emmy Statue

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It's safe to say that the Emmy awards are the ultimate TV event because, well, they're all about television! It's a celebration of the programs we love to watch; the stories we love to follow; what everyone is discussing around the office cooler; and which shows are trending on Twitter. The best of the favorites are finally acknowledged and awarded on this celebrity-filled television event.

Waiting to find out who the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have selected in each category is the main event of the evening. Therefore, it's very important to set your home party stage carefully.

Setting the Stage

Working televisions are your most important prop for this party. If you will be hosting a large party, set up televisions in as many locations as possible so that your guests can watch comfortably. Pay attention to your sound system too since it should be clear enough to be heard above the conversation.

Likewise, you'll need plenty of seating arranged so that all guests have a clear view of a television. Seating can include sofas and chairs already in the room, but supplement with stools, ottomans, kitchen chairs or, if necessary, folding chairs so that no one has to stand.

Just like the TV dinners of old, guests will be eating and drinking in front of the television. Therefore, you'll want to clear your surfaces so that there's enough room for guests to put down their food plates and drinks. Provide plenty of coasters for beverages to protect your tables, or cover the surfaces with table cloths, place mats, or even picnic blankets.

Decide whether you plan to have your party begin in time for the red carpet portion of the program or at the beginning of the awards show. Make the starting time clear on your invitations.

Invite your guests to come attired in red carpet style.

Create a red carpet at the entrance to your home. You can use a red carpet remnant from a local rug store; make your own using red fabric; or check with your local party store to see if they rent red carpets for this type of event.


As guests arrive at your party, pose them on the red carpet and take a digital photo. After the event, put together a cd with everyone's red carpet photo and send one to each guest as a party memento.

Aside from watching the program, your guests will look forward to seeing who can best guess the winners of the evening. You can download a voting ballot for to use at your party at Emmys.com. Make this game extra sweet by promising prizes at the end of the evening for those guests who had the most correct guesses on their ballots. Prizes can be as simple as buckets of popcorn, or as fancy as a bottle of good champagne.


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Serve your guests a selection of elegant finger food that won't be difficult to balance on their laps in front of the television.

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Sun-Dried Tomato and Olive Tapenade - This vegan appetizer/spread will appeal to all of your guests. Vegetarian Food Guide Jolinda Hacckett shows how easy this recipe is since it only needs to be tossed together in a food processor before serving with your choice of cracker. Plus, it can be whipped up well in advance of your party.

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