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2012 Academy Awards Best Picture Theme Party Ideas

Tip Your Hat to Your Favorite Movies with these Theme Ideas


Whether you plan to host a glamorous Academy Awards party or a more casual Hurray for Hollywood theme party, add these touches to salute your favorite nominees in the 2012 Best Picture category. Some of this year's best picture nominees are more colorful and suited to a theme addition to your menu, decorations or party favors than the others. But each of these nominations offer the potential to personalize your Oscars party to let your guests know which picture you think deserves the golden statue.

Midnight in Paris - This beautiful, whimsical film showcases Woody Allen's love for the City of Light. Set your tables with white linens and French porcelain plates to look like a French brasserie. Add a few of your favorite French Cuisine dishes to the menu. As a centerpiece make a pile of books written by Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, some of the famous authors Owen Wilson meets in his midnight excursions into Paris circa 1920. Play Cole Porter music in the background.

Moneyball - If "Moneyball", the movie about an underdog baseball team manager who reorganizes his team under an entirely new set of guidelines, was your favorite film last year, then you'll want to celebrate baseball at your Oscars party this year. Serve ballpark food like hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn. Give out baseball cards as party favors to your guests. Use baseballs, gloves, and bats as decorative touches to highlight your choice for the win.

The Descendants - Aloha! If The Descendants is your top pick of this year's contenders for Best Picture, you'll bring a taste of the Hawaii islands with a luau theme to your party. Serve Mai Tais as your signature cocktail with little paper umbrellas. Give leis to your guests when they enter. Play Hawaiian luau music in the background.

Hugo - Paris was popular last year as this best picture nomination is also set in Paris, this time during the 1930s. To salute this tale of a young boy who searches to solve a mystery left behind by his deceased father, while secretly living in a train station, you'll want to decorate your serving tables with as many clocks as you possibly can. In addition, you'll want to serve French pastries and baguettes as these were the main source of sustenance for this boy. Finally, if you'd like to pay additional homage to the film maker Georges Méliès who Hugo finds during his quest, you can add pictures of the Man in the Moon similar to the one in his film "A Trip to the Moon."."

The Artist - This wonderful film celebrates the days of the silent, black and white movies, lending its theme perfectly to a swanky cocktail party, serving classic Hollywood cocktails. Give your guests long strands of faux pearls as the flappers wore. Serve black and white cookies and see how many of your guests make the connection with the black and white movies! Play the soundtrack from the this movie as it was one of the stars of the show.

The Help - This story set in the middle of Jackson Mississippi during the Civil Rights era is about a young writer seeking to tell the stories of the maids that work for the society ladies in her town. Give your lady guests a short set of faux pearls to dress them as the society ladies in this movie. Serve sweet iced tea and coca cola, in classic bottles if you can find them. Since pie is featured in one of the infamous tales in this movie, you should serve pie on your buffet. Finally, create a centerpiece using writing props such as pencils, notebooks and correction fluid as reminder of the main character, Skeeter.

Extremely Loud and And Incredibly Close - If your favorite movie was this story of a young boy who is hunting to discover a mystery left behind by his father, a victim of the 911 tragedy, you'll want to use props that remind you of NYC as part of your party decorations. It might be miniature statues of the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building picked up on a tourist excursion to the city. Maps of New York spread out on your tables, even as place mats will remind your guests of this boy's journey. And, finally, keys are the final item on your party props list for this nominee.

War Horse - This tale which is told through the experience of a horse during World War I is set originally in England. Therefore, adding your favorite dishes from British Cuisine to your menu will be in great taste. Naturally, decorations that include pictures of horses or miniatures will make your preference clear to your guests.

Tree of Life - If this 1950s impressionistic tale, set in the midwest, of a young boy who becomes disillusioned by life, and seeks to regain his joy in living is your favorite among the picks, a centerpiece of a bonsai tree would be a fitting tribute on your table.

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