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Thanksgiving Dinner - Make it a Family Style Potluck

Share the Work and Expense and Even the Hostess Will Feel Thankful


Thanksgiving Dinner - Make it a Family Style Potluck

Thanksgiving Turkey

Donna Pilato
Thanksgiving dinner is often celebrated in the company of family, or friends who are as close to you as family. And since nothing comes more naturally to families than helping out one another, this is the perfect meal to host as a potluck. In this case, potluck doesn't have to mean casual. You may pull out your linens, silver, and crystal (if not, when are you planning to use them?), but everyone contributes to the meal. In this way all of the work and expense doesn't fall to the host, and he or she can enjoy the holiday as much as the others.

With a potluck Thanksgiving, it's easiest for the host to cook the turkey, gravy and stuffing/dressing since it's difficult to transport, and everyone loves to walk into a house that smells of roasting turkey. But let cousin Sarah bring the first course, Aunts Amy and Antoinette can bring a few side dishes and it wouldn't be the holiday without Nana's pumpkin pie. The holiday menu may be simple, but if filled with family favorites it will be memorable, nevertheless.

In case you don't have family favorites for each course, here is a menu that can be used to fill in the gaps.

A Thanksgiving Potluck Menu

Onion and Apple Tarts with Goat Cheese - These sweet and savory bites will hold off appetites as the turkey rests after coming out of the oven.

Roast Turkey with Giblet Gravy - This is a classic recipe for Thanksgiving.

Sausage and Apple Dressing with Cranberries - This savory accompaniment can be stuffed into the turkey or baked on the side.

Cranberry Fig Chutney - This pairing of seasonal fruits will go well with the turkey.

Tipsy Sweet Potatoes - A little Jack Daniels gives these potatoes a little attitude.

Sauteed Green Beans with Bread Crumbs - This is a very easy dish, that even an inexperienced cook can manage.

Pumpkin Pie -It wouldn't be a Thanksgiving dessert table without it.

Chocolate Pecan Pie - This recipe gives a seasonal nod to the chocolate lovers at your feast.

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