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Entertaining Gifts for a Secret Santa Exchange


Around the holidays it's common to be invited to a party and asked to bring a gift for a Secret Santa (also known as a Pollyanna) gift exchange. These gifts are usually inexpensive, and meant to add a little fun to the party. There are many ways the gifts are exchanged, but often the participants don't know who their recipient will be. Therefore, you need to choose a gift that will be enjoyed by all. What better gift, than an item that will be used at your group's next party?

1. A Silicone Oven Mitt

Give one of these mitts in a festive color. They work great, are washable, and everyone can use one.
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2. Silicone Spatula

You can never have enough of these. Whether you're stirring a pot, scraping a bowl, or flipping a pancake, the more spatulas the better.
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3. Banded Herringbone Dish Towels

Whether tending bar, drying dishes, or cleaning up spills, you can never have enough dish towels when you entertain.
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4. Ceramic Trivet

It's always handy to have an attractive ceramic trivet to bring hot dishes to the table.
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5. A Bamboo Cutting Board

Not only are bamboo cutting boards useful and beautiful, but they're also eco-friendly. They're harder than maple, yet good for your knives, you can use them for prepping vegetables, slicing lemons and limes for your bar, or bringing assorted cheeses to your guests.
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6. Cheese Slicer

Most hosts need a cheese slicer at some point in their entertaining career. You can choose from a stand alone slicer, or one that comes with a board.
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7. Wine Glass Charms

I think wine glass charms are one of the best recent inventions in barware. They eliminate confusion over who has which glass and avoids abandoned drinks when guests aren't sure.
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8. Entertaining Journal and Planner

With an entertaining journal, hosts can keep a history of their most memorable and successful party moments, and turn to it for guidance when planning future events.
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