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Super Bowl Party Decorations and Table Necessities


When it comes to the Super Bowl, the actual football game is often an afterthought to the Super Bowl party. Most of your guests will care more about how prepared you were for their entertainment than how prepared the teams were for the game. That's why you need to be sure you'll have all the necessities for your Super Bowl party this year.

1. Professional Warming Tray

You know your Super Bowl party is a buffet all the way. But the trick is to keep the food warm and appetizing throughout the game. That's why you'll want at least one of these warming trays for all those items you don't want to keep running into the kitchen to reheat.

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2. Rival Crock-Pot 6-Quart Smart-St Premium Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is the perfect appliance for keeping your chili, beans, cocktail franks, or swedish meatballs at just the right serving temperature throughout your Super Bowl party.
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3. A DVR

If you don't already have a DVR, this would be a good time to get one. This way you and your guests can review controversial plays, relive the high (and low) points of the game, or even check out a commercial ad when you can't believe what you just saw!

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4. Football Stadium Chip and Dip Set

Chips are always going to have a place at your Super Bowl party, and a chip and dip bowl is the ideal way to serve them, especially one with this football theme.
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5. 3-Tier Condiment Server

Your guests will be looking for lots of crunchy things to relieve their stress during the big game. Remember to serve plenty of crisp veggies and dips to satisfy that crunchy impulse in a healthy way.
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6. Super Bowl Party Supplies

This is not a party for your fine china. The more disposable your party goods are, the better.
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7. Libbey Beer Steins

As much as it makes life easier to use disposable party goods for the food, it's still pretty nice to drink your beer from a glass beer stein.

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