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Super Bowl Party Snack Table

Your Guests Will Be So Impressed, They'll Forget About the Game!


Super Bowl Party Snack Table

Super Bowl Party Snack Table

Donna Pilato
With just a little bit of creativity, you can decorate your Super Bowl Party snack table to look like the playing field. Have fun with it!

You'll need these supplies:

1"Grass Print" tablecloth (party store). If you can't find this, you can use a large piece of green felt or plain green table cloth.

2 Goal posts or goal post center pieces (party store).

2 10 yard rolls of ½" medical adhesive tape (any drug store).

1 Package of Super Bowl logo invitations (party store).

Various football themed snack bowls (party store).

Logos from Super Bowl participants printed in color (internet).

1 package of soft mini-footballs (party store-optional).

Scissors to cut tape.


  1. Lay the tablecloth out on your snack table.
  2. Make your "football field" by using the tape to create a rectangular area with 10 equal sections for the "field" and another section on each end for each team's end zone. You can scale the "field" to whatever size your serving table is.
  3. Cut the tape to form numbers for the yard lines and mark the field.
  4. Place your goal posts at either end of the "field," as shown in the picture.
  5. Cut out the team logos that you have printed and, using tape on the underside of the logo, attach 3 or 4 of each teams logo to their respective end zone. The picture shows the participants from Super Bowl XLII…this will obviously have to be changed each year to reflect the current teams.
  6. Take 2 of the logo-imprinted Super Bowl invitations, tape them shut and affix them in the middle of the field on each side using tape on the underside of the invitation. You can use the rest of the invitations in the package to invite your friends to the party!
  7. Place your serving bowls filled with snacks on the field, spread the mini-footballs on the field and you have set the perfect mood for your Super Bowl party!

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