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Games for Your Super Bowl or Football Party

Entertain Your Guests at Halftime


Superbowl Party at Home
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Don't let the football players on television have all the fun at your next football or Super Bowl party. Plan a few activities to give your guests something to do during halftime, besides eating more buffalo wings. Stock up on enough fun prizes such as footballs, pennants, drink cups, and team clothing items so that everyone will go home feeling like a winner.

Try one or all of these games at your football party:

  • Challenge your guests to a football tossing contest. If you can play outdoors, the person who can toss a football the farthest wins. If it needs to be an indoor contest, use a foam football and have your guests toss it through a hula hoop or into a basket. The winner is the guest who can make the target the most times out of five attempts.

  • Play football charades. Divide your guests into teams and give each team five word cards that you've prepared in advance. Everyone takes turns trying to get their team to guess the football related word that they're acting out. The team that guesses the most words wins. Use a timer to keep the game from running into the next quarter. Here are several possible words for your game:
    1. cheerleader
    2. helmet
    3. football
    4. touchdown
    5. referree
    6. coach
    7. team
    8. field goal
    9. beer
    10. buffalo wings
  • Don't say "football" game. At the beginning of halftime, give your guests small paper footballs to stick onto their chests with double-sided tape. Tell everyone they're not allowed to say the word "football" while in conversation during halftime. If a guest hears someone use the word, they can take the football from the offending party. The person who collects the most footballs is the winner.
  • Football Bean Bag Toss. If you have enough room, inside or outside, mark out a small football field with masking tape, and be sure to mark the yardage since it will be necessary for scoring the game. Divide your guests into two teams and have them take turns tossing bean bags onto the other team's side of the field. Keep score of the yardage points where the bags land, with a touchdown scoring 0 points. The team with the lowest yardage wins.
  • If you have younger guests at your party, or if you have older guests who are young-at-heart, organize a game of hot potato with a football. The last person left in the circle is the winner.

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