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Lift a Glass to Drinking Games

Fun at Super Bowl, Football, or Other Sports Theme Parties


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Drinking games have been around since ancient times. They seem to be especially popular among young adults, making them a source of nostalgia as people grow older. That's why the next time you host a Super Bowl Bash or other sports themed party, you might want to suggest playing a drinking game to the adults of your party at half time, in order to share a few nostalgic laughs. With many of these games, it isn't even necessary to drink to have fun playing the games while reliving your college party experiences. Or, to keep the party from turning into a frat bash, you could suggest that your guests take a sip of their beer, rather than guzzling a cup each time they have a penalty. Drink responsibly, safely, and encourage your guests to do the same.

Beer Pong - Beer Pong is a popular drinking game, and as the article from "The Dartmouth" explains, it's often played more as a game of skill than for the purpose of quick inebriation. Variations on the game are discussed in this article.

Bizz Buzz - The Drinking Thinking Game - A popular game that can also be played without alcohol. When a person messes up, they're out of the game.

The Webtender - There's a huge collection of drinking games on this site. And as the introduction to this page states, these games can be played without alcoholic beverages too.

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