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Host a Theme Party for Super Bowl XLVII

Celebrate the Championship Teams with this Party Menu Theme


We now know that the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers are the 2013 championship teams going to battle it out for the big Super Bowl title. Even if you don't come from one of those cities, chances are good that you're invited to or plan to host a Super Bowl viewing party. Let's face it, it's still fun to watch the game, see all of the over-the-top commercials and indulge in hearty football viewing party snacks! Before we get to the menu, let's cover the basics of preparing for your Super Bowl party.

Setting the Stage

It should go without saying, but the most important element of your party will be the television. It should be situated in a place where the majority of your guests can sit and still see the game without spilling their beer in their neighbor's lap.

Another television in a different room is a thoughtful touch for party guests that really have no interest in viewing the goings on down in New Orleans. They may choose to watch the Puppy Bowl instead.

A themed snack table won't take very long for you to prepare if you start a few days before the game.

Use party goods in your preferred team's colors. Choose purple, black, gold and white for the Ravens or red and gold for the 49ers.

Party Activities

Watching the game, eating the snacks, and drinking the beverages will be the primary activities at your Super Bowl Party. In addition, a few halftime games will give your guests an excuse to move around and talk to fans on the other side of your party room. And if you're worried that the keg isn't emptying quickly enough, you could add a few drinking games to your party.

Super Bowl XLVII Party Menu

If you're an experienced Super Bowl party host, then you know which favorite party snacks your guests will expect when they show up at your door. However, just in case this is your first time hosting, here are some of the favorites you'll want to consider adding to your Super Bowl party menu:

If you're looking for other recipe ideas, our About.com Food Guides have suggestions for your 2013 Super Bowl Party.

After you've planned your party menu basics, you'll want to add a few recipes that come from the home towns of this year's championship teams.

You can't possibly plan a menu that pays tribute to Baltimore without including a crab dish on the menu, the one ingredient above all others that makes the city famous. Add this crab-based party dip to your menu:

Baltimore Crab Dip

In choosing a recipe that celebrate San Francisco, you'll add another seafood dish to your menu:

Cioppino - This seafood stew is a classic San Francisco recipe. Serve it in mugs so that your guests can eat it comfortably in front of the television.

Aa for the beverages, beer is a no-brainer unless you're hosting an alcohol-free Super Bowl. You'll find recommendations on our Beer site for the best beers to serve at your Super Bowl Party.

Our Cocktails Guide has whipped up a few special cocktail recipes for this eventful occasion:

For Baltimore:

For San Francisco:

  • Gold Mine - This cocktail is made with Scotch, Galliano, and a few other ingredients.
  • Cable Car - A rum based cocktail.
  • Earthquake Shooter - This interesting shooter mixes whiskey, pernod and gin.
  • Frisco Sour - This sour cocktail includes whiskey, benedictine, lemon and lime.

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