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Super Bowl Links and Party Ideas

Here are sites that will help you plan your Super Bowl party with recipe ideas, links to game information, and other tips.
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2013 Super Bowl Party Food and Drink Ideas
Find great recipe ideas for your 2013 Super Bowl party menu.

Super Bowl Party Recipes
Food and beverage recipes for the perfect Super Bowl Party from Guides at About.com.

Host a Theme Party for Super Bowl XLVII
Plan your Super Bowl party menu to celebrate the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.

A Super Bowl 2012 Party
How to host a party for Super Bowl 2012 with party tips, a menu and recipes to cheer on the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

Recipes for Cheese Dips for Parties
Cheese dip recipes to please all the guests at your big Super Bowl bash.

Super Bowl XLV Party Menu
A Party Menu for Super Bowl XLV

Games to Play at Your Super Bowl or Football Party
Here are suggestions for games you can play with your guests at your next Super Bowl or football party.

Planning Guide to Your Super Bowl Party
Plan your Super Bowl Party with these tips, recipes, and game ideas.

Lift a Glass to Drinking Games
Drinking games for Super Bowl, football, or other sports theme parties.

Create a Football Party Cake
Instructions for creating a football party cake.

Super Bowl Party Snack Table
How to decorate a snack table for a Super Bowl Party.

Planning Your Super Bowl Party
Tips for planning your Super Bowl party including decorating ideas, food suggestions and activities, from your Entertaining Guide.

A Texas Barbecue Theme Dinner Party
Enjoy a Texas barbecue dinner party when the Super Bowl is hosted in Dallas Texas.

Favorite Super Bowl Party
Readers tell us about their favorite Super Bowl parties.

Super Bowl XLIII Menu
Party menu for Super Bowl XLIII.

Sports Party Snacks
Snacks for your next sports viewing party, Super Bowl party, or playoff games.

Free, Online Invitations for Your Super Bowl Party
Since the Super Bowl is one of the most casual parties you will host all year, there's no reason not to use the most informal invitation option - the online invitation. They're casual, free, no postage is required and can be sent even if you're Super Bowl party is a last minute plan. In addition, they will help you keep track of your invitation...

Super Bowl Necessities
When it comes to the Super Bowl, the actual football game is often an afterthought to the Super Bowl party. Most of your guests will care more about how prepared you were for their entertainment than how prepared the teams were for the game. That's why you need to be sure you'll have all the necessities for your Super Bowl party this year.

About's Super Bowl Headquarters
All the latest playoff news, Super Bowl history and trivia, game recaps, feature articles, and much more from About's Guides.

Superbowl Parties
Drinks, party tips and more from About's Guide to Cocktails and Beer.

Throw a Successful Super Bowl Party
Colleen Graham, About Guide to Cocktails offers tips and recipes for everyone's favorite party cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Super Bowl XLIII
The official site of Super Bowl XLIII scheduled for February 1, 2009 in Tampa Bay. This site is full of current and historic Super Bowl information, including trivia, highlight film reels, fun facts, player stats, and contests.

Epicurious Superbowl
Epicurious jazzes up the traditional Superbowl food with recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetit. Includes a finger food buffet, dips, menus and more.

Here's the official NFL site with playoff information, player stats, chats, ticket information and films.

Are You Ready for Some Football?
Here's a great page of ideas to put your kids to work preparing the decorations for your party, from Sherri Osborn, About Guide to Crafts for Kids.

Celebrations Super Bowl Party Tips
This site offers a variety of party planning tips for your Super Bowl Bash including decorating ideas, recipes, and games to play.

Super Bowl Decorated Cookie Ideas
If you enjoy making decorated cookies, you'll love these cute and simple ideas for football theme cookies courtesy of Cake Works Central.

Super Food Fest
The Food Network never misses an opportunity to get in on the food action. This special dedicated to the big game include recipes for wings, dips, chilis, and desserts as well as menu planning tips.

A Super Bowl XLI Party
A party menu for Super Bowl XLI.

Planning Your Super Bowl XXXVI Bash
Score big with your friends by adding the flavors and fun of New Orleans to this year's Super Bowl party.

A Super Bowl 2005 Party
How to host a party for Super Bowl 2005 with party tips, menu and recipes.

A Super Bowl 2006 Party
Party Menu for Super Bowl XL.

Planning Your Super Bowl XLIV Party
Planning your Super Bowl XLIV party with flavors from the hometowns of both teams.

It's Going to Be a Tasty Super Bowl This Year
Now that we know which teams will be going to the Super Bowl in 2004, we can settle down to planning the party menu. Luckily this year's teams lend themselves to a very delicious buffet menu.

Host a Theme Party for Super Bowl XLVIII
How to host a theme party for the 2014 Super Bowl, or Super Bowl XLVIII

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