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Popcorn Snacks

Popcorn Balls, Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn, Whip Up a Batch for Your Party


Popcorn Snacks

Popcorn Party

Photo used by permission, courtesy Popcorn Board.

One of my all-time favorite snacks is popcorn. Whether I'm offered popcorn balls, kettle corn, caramel corn, or any other variation, I'll never turn it down. Choose from among these recipes to make your own popcorn snack, or order from these wonderful online sources. Just be sure to invite me over when you serve them at your next party.

Make Your Own

Popcorn Treat Recipes - Diana Rattray, About's Guide to Southern Cuisine has a tempting group of recipes for popcorn balls, caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn balls, granola popcorn balls and, of course, quick popcorn balls.

Gingerbread Caramel Corn - Linda Larsen, About's Guide to Busy Cooks, believes that this recipes has the perfect amount of sweetness to it.

Sue Fishbein's Kettle Corn - There's something just a little sweet and just a little salty about kettle corn. That's what makes it so good.

Popcorn Board - The Popcorn Board has both traditional recipes and some very unusual ones such as Spicy Cajun Popcorn and Nuts and Sweet Garam Masala Kettle Corn.

Jolly Time - This familiar popcorn company has a large variety of recipes using their microwave products. Recipes are organized by season including Halloween, Summer Fun, Easter/Springtime, Happy Holidays, and Party Time.

Kraft Foods Popcorn Recipes - Kraft has over three dozen snack mix recipes that include popcorn.

Hot N Sweet Kettle Corn - This recipe from Rachael Ray has a dash of chipotle powder for added interest.

Buy Popcorn Snacks and Treats Online

Popcorn Indiana - This company sells all natural popcorn in four flavors: Kettlecorn, Spicy Honey Mustard, Summer Picnic BBQ, and Smoked Cheddar Cheese.

Pendleton Popcorn Factory - Offering 50 varieties of popcorn, this company uses a patented process called "sticklyless" which they believe sets them apart in the market.

Rural Route 1 Popcorn - This company sells pre-popped and flavored popcorn, unpopped kernels, popcorn seasonings, and gift sets.

Popcorn Palace - This Chicago based popcorn company offers 27 flavors, your choice of tin sizes, and even a popcorn of the month club.

Moose Munch - I can't leave out this favorite in our household. We have a Harry and David store close to our home, and everytime I stop in to pick up a gift, I can't leave without a package of Moose Munch just for us.

The Popcorn Factory - The emphasis of this company's line is popcorn gift baskets and tins, but on occasion I'll order something just for us and our guests.

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