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WeekDate Weekly Planner and Wall Calendar

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WeekDate Weekly Planner and Wall Calendar

WeekDate Weekly Planner


The Bottom Line

This is a super organized system for keeping track of recurring events, and managing less frequently occurring activities. Great for those who still prefer paper calendars over electronic.


  • This paper calendar system is a very easy to update.
  • The portable planner has very creative design choices for the covers.
  • The system is very simple to use for organizing both recurring and occasional events.
  • There's a lot of flexibility in how you can apply these calendars to your plans.


  • There aren't any pictures on the wall calendar. It's purely functional.
  • The weekly planner is larger than your typical pocket planner.


  • Three part calendar systems, designed to track weekly, monthly, and daily activities.
  • Weekly planner is a trifold that comes with a plastic cover that snaps shut.
  • Includes removable cards to track special events, and phone numbers.
  • Both the weekly and wall calendars leave plenty of room to write.
  • System can be easily adapted to record events for each member of a household.

Guide Review - WeekDate Weekly Planner and Wall Calendar

Whether you're planning a party or keeping track of your ongoing activities, organization is the key to success. I've never found a paper planner that was especially good at that because it was time consuming to rewrite recurring events such as monthly book clubs, classes, or family activities. Calendars have always become an annoyance for me when schedules change, and recurring events need to be rewritten. I usually give up at that point and try to remember plans in my head (and everyone knows how well that works!) When planning a special event that requires various steps, there's usually little room to write everything that need to be done in those tiny little boxes.

WeekDate turns out to be a very clever system that solves most of those problems. With a place for weekly activities, monthly activities, daily activities, and once a month to-dos, it makes keeping track of life and life's changes much more simple. And as much as it's a low tech system, it has the benefit of making it easy to see the whole picture, which isn't always possible with a portable electronic calendar. Although these calendars may sound complicated at first, they are really very simple to use once you have it in your hands, your purse, or on your wall.

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