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Fig Heaven

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Fig Heaven by Marie Simmons

Fig Heaven - 70 Recipes for the World's Most Luscious Fruit by Marie Simmons

Photography by France Ruffenach

The Bottom Line

You'll never look at a fig the same way again after seeing all the recipe possibilities in this passionate book from Marie Simmons.
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  • 70 luscious and tempting recipes for figs.
  • Recipes are for both dried and fresh figs.
  • Very good introduction to the cultivation, varieties and use of this fruit.


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  • 70 recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts, salads to main dishes.
  • 8 full-color pages of photographs.
  • Excellent background on the different varieties of fig, and tips for growing the trees.
  • Advice on preserving fresh figs.

Guide Review - Fig Heaven

I know that I never would have guessed all the possibilities for those little dried up fruits you see in piles at the supermarkets around the holidays. Neither did I realize how many things I could do with those bags of the fresh fruit I receive from my father's trees every August. But now I can't wait for the summer harvest because there are at least a dozen recipes I'm dying to test thanks to Marie Simmons' inviting book.

Simmons is truly having a love affair with this fruit, and she wants the reader to share her passion. With sensual descriptions of how to know when a fig is ripe, to detailed discussion of the different fig varieties, she provides all the facts you'll need to get started. Then once you begin to read the recipes that range from appetizers to desserts you will discover that this is not a fruit to be ignored, any more than you should leave the fresh fruit sitting on your counter for more than 24-hours.

The season for fresh figs is short in the limited number of locations where they can be found. Luckily, Simmons covers the dried fig equally well.

The beautiful 8-page centerfold will have you wishing there were more photographs of the recipes. But you'll simply have to create your own when you, too, fall in love with this biblical fruit.

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