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Pyrex No Leak Storage Dishes

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Pyrex No Leak Storage Dishes

Pyrex No Leak Storage Dishes


The Bottom Line

The no-leak Pyrex storage dishes keep the food contained while offering a greener, more stylish alternative to plastic containers.
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  • No leak lids avoid the usual spills that happen when taking food on the road.
  • BPA free and environmentally friendly since they're durable and reusable.
  • Makes a nicer presentation when serving to friends and guests at picnics or tailgate parties.
  • Dishes are clear so there's no guesswork in finding the dish you're looking for in a cooler.


  • Glass is breakable.
  • Slightly heavier than plastic storage pieces.


  • Glass storage containers with lids that are airtight and leak-proof.
  • Come in a wide variety of shapes and storage capacities.
  • Pieces can be purchased individually or in sets.

Guide Review - Pyrex No Leak Storage Dishes

I stocked my home in a time when plastic storage containers were a given, and I only used Pyrex glass dishes for baking. I definitely wouldn't have thought about taking Pyrex on the road with me when I brought food to picnics, tailgates, or potlucks. Plastic was the way to go. But over the years I've discovered that plastic isn't the perfect solution when taking the party on the road, or even for home storage. The plastic containers are easily stained by sauces and you never know what is lurking in the tubs in the refrigerator or cooler. In addition, the lids have a nasty habit of popping off at the wrong times, and I don't trust them not to leak. As much as I thought plastic was unbreakable, containers and lids have cracked and became unusable over time, forcing me to replace full storage sets.

Recently, plastic storage pieces have come under scrutiny for their food safety. These days I check pieces to find out whether they're free of the chemical BPA which we've been advised against using.

So when offered the opportunity to consider Pyrex no-leak storage dishes, I figured they couldn't be any worse. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by their utility. Yes, they're slightly heavier than the plastic containers, but most people I know use rolling storage coolers anyway when loading up for a tailgate or picnic. The two part design of the lids make them leak proof, borne out by my experience in trying to force a leak for my test.

I really like the fact that you can see the food through the clear glass. It makes a nicer presentation, and there's no guessing among the different storage containers in my cooler or refrigerator.

Yes, there's still a risk that glass will break if dropped or one dish bangs into the other, but after all the plastic storage containers I've had to replace just from wear and tear, I expect these Pyrex pieces will last longer over the long haul.

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