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Gift Table for More than One Guest of Honor

Make it Easy to Separate the Gifts


Gift Table for More than One Guest of Honor

Graduation Gifts Table

Donna Pilato
There will be times that you host a party with more than one guest-of-honor. It may be a combination birthday bash, a combined graduation party, or even a shared baby shower. In these cases your guests may bring gifts for each of the honorees or just one. Either way, it can become very confusing when the gifts are sorted out.

Therefore, eliminate the confusion by setting up a gift table that makes it very clear where to place a gift for each guest. You can do this by placing a photo of each honoree at a different place on the table. You can also put name cards by the photos. If you expect that many of the gifts will be cards with checks or gift cards, add a labeled gift bag for each honoree to the table. When guests arrive they can place their cards into the appropriate bag.

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