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Easy, Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for New Year's Eve

Interview with Entertaining and Décor Expert Debi Lilly


Recently I took the opportunity to interview Entertaining and Décor Expert Debi Lilly who has partnered with Safeway to create a line of floral and home décor that makes it easy to put together elegant and easy DIY holiday centerpieces and tablescapes. Debi Lilly's belief is that anyone should be able to create unforgettable events without spending a lot of money or time. This has inspired the creation of debi lilly design™, an exclusive collection available only in Safeway stores. She shared with me her best tips for easy and inexpensive decorations for New Year's Eve and although she recommends using products available in Safeway stores, if you don't have a Safeway store near you, these ideas can still be used with many items you have on hand already in your home.

Debi, what are your top three ideas for easy New Year's Eve decorations?

Cookies in Vases for New Year's Eve
debi lilly design™
  1. Use the Grocery Store as a One-Stop Party Shop - According to a recent Safeway survey, 70% of women go to two to three stores when gathering food and décor for a holiday event. Eliminate New Year’s Eve stress by making one stop when party planning…at the grocery store! With decorative accents like pre-assembled debi lilly design™ bouquets and candles, Safeway has made entertaining and last minute holiday shopping a snap.
  2. Edible Inspiration - It’s easy to create New Year’s Eve centerpieces that double as an appetizer or dessert bar for your guests. Take a modern approach to serving your sweet treats this New Year’s Eve by putting cookies, nuts and other holiday treats into vases to create a fun, edible centerpiece.
  3. Find Inspiration at Home - For at-home celebrations, table top centerpieces are a great way to stylize your party. To create a fun and festive New Year’s Eve centerpiece in minutes, simply use glass bowls that you already have at home. Fill with noise makers, party horns and New Year’s Eve tiaras. For a fun and decorative finishing touch, scatter these festive flutes with an array of vibrant colored candles.

Image: New Year's Cookies in Vases with debi lilly ribbon.

What's your favorite item for adding color to New Year's Eve decorations?

Corseted debi lilly design™
debi lilly design™

One of my favorite ways to add color to New Year’s decorations is to use ribbon to create accents throughout your entire party space. Using debi lilly design™ ribbon in tan (or your color of choice), you can create a chic table runner or make your own a corseted vase by taking the following steps -

  1. Start with 36” of debi lilly design™ Satin Ribbon. Wrap the middle of the ribbon around the back of the vase and bring ends to front.
  2. When the ends meet in the front, twist them around each other and bring them to the back. Twist them again and bring back to front.
  3. Repeat the twists on the back and the front sides until you reach the top of the vase; knot the ends together and finish with a single loop.

Image: Corseted debi lilly design™ Illusion Collection Vase ($12.99 to $19.99) shown with debi lilly design™ Double-Faced Satin Ribbon in Green.

Do you have any suggestions for using Christmas decorations for New Year's Eve?

Centerpieces with Ornaments in Vase
debi lilly design™

It’s a great idea to repurpose certain elements of your Christmas décor for New Year’s. You can use boxes of round glass ornaments in varied colors and fill vases with sparkly, colorful holiday ornaments in varied sizes and shapes. I like to use silver and gold for a chic New Year’s feel. I also like to assemble debi lilly design™ candles of various sizes on a platter from your pantry, adorned with colorful holiday ornaments scattered around the base.

Image: debi lilly design™ Winterberry candles ($4.99 to $11.99), debi lilly design™ Illusion Collection Vases ($12.99 to $19.99), debi lilly design™ Double-Faced Satin Ribbon in Tan ($5.99); holiday ornaments

What one thing must every hostess do to set the mood on New Year's Eve?

debi lilly design™ Centerpiece with Unscented Candles and Rose Petals
debi lilly design™

Creating an intimate atmosphere is all about the lighting. debi lilly design™ white candles are the easiest way to add a bit of romance your New Year’s Eve party. Place them around your party space and for an extra element of intimacy, sprinkle white rose petals around the bases of the candles and along your table.

Image: debi lilly design™ Unscented Candles ($4.99 to $11.99) Find everything exclusively at Safeway®, this year’s one-stop shopping holiday destination.

What's the biggest mistake made when decorating for a New Year's Eve party?

debi lilly design™ New Year's Eve Holiday Bar
debi lilly design™

Trying to do too much! New Year’s Eve is about letting loose and celebrating the year ahead, so have fun with your holiday decor. I like to choose one decorative focal point for my party, like a festive holiday bar complete with signature drinks and a few simple design elements like candles and ribbon.

Image: debi lilly design™ ™ Elegant Candle Holders ($12.99-$19.99), debi lilly design™ Illusion Vases ($12.99 to $19.99), debi lilly design™ ™ Unscented Candles ($4.99 to $11.99 debi lilly design™ Illusion Vases.

Thanks for the great advice, Debi.

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