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Quick Decorating Tips for New Year's Eve

Make Your Party Shine with these Quick and Easy Tips


More than any other party throughout the year, New Year's Eve is the one event that you want to add shine and sparkle to your decorations. After all, it's a dual celebration where we say goodbye to one year while welcoming in the new - a festive occasion for sure.

But don't worry, even if your party plans are coming together at the very last minute (after all, you're probably still tossing away Christmas gift wrappings), it's not too hard to come up with simple ideas for freshening up your home and party for the New Year celebrations. These quick tips will help you and your home to shine on this special night.

Clear away most of the red and green from your Christmas entertaining. If you're not ready to take down your Christmas tree, let that be the one remaining item from the Christmas holiday.

Use white, black, and/or silver table cloths and napkins. These are always good to have on hand as they provide a good canvas for other theme decorating.

Use silver metal serving trays as the base for an easy table decoration. Line up white candles down your trays to create a glow.

Use your best crystal bowls and glassware for serving food and beverages. If not now, for when are you saving them?

Make a champagne bucket centerpiece using white flowers, available at most grocery stores.

Repurpose tinsel from your Christmas tree as confetti on your table.

Any of these items will be easy to find at your local party store and can add to the sparkle on your table: silver confetti, often found in the shape of the New Year date; silver disposable plates and flatware; silver, white and black metallic helium balloons; New Year's party hats; tiaras; party blowers; party horns. Pile the hats, tiaras, blowers and horns into a large, clear, glass or crystal bowl and place it by your front door to distribute to guests as they arrive.

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