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Quick Beverage Tips for New Year's Eve

Festive Beverages are a Must on New Year's Eve


Ringing out the old and bringing in the new certainly calls for a special celebration. Guests arrive at your home ready to share in the good cheer of the changing years, and there's no better way to add to the fun than with festive drinks. Here are a few quick ideas for adding to the celebration with the beverages you serve on New Year's Eve. Don't assume festive beverages only mean alcoholic cocktails. Those may be on your menu, but many of these tips will apply to non-alcoholic drinks too.

Pull out your festive stemware for your New Year's Eve drinks. Champagne, punch, and non-alcoholic drinks all look cheerier in a pretty long-stemmed glass. Even the children can join in the toasts with plastic champagne glasses which are readily available at the party store.

Bubbly drinks are generally expected at a New Year's Eve party, particularly at the stroke of midnight as guests toast the New Year. Lay in a supply of sparkling cider or grape juice for those choosing non-alcoholic drinks at your party.

Make your ice cubes fun with a simple preparation tip that will add pizzazz.

Serve a sparkling cranberry punch that can be enjoyed by all of your guests, and will save you from spending your night tending to the bar.

Use wine charms to save yourself the need to clean too many glasses after your party, plus, tell your guests to take them home as party favors.

Another appropriate party favor would be to send guests home with a small jar of honey, as that's purported to be helpful for the morning after too much imbibing.

Be ready with a few toasts to greet the New Year in the company of your guests.

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