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An Easy Mother's Day Dinner

Even a New Cook Can Make a Meal that Will Impress Mom


Every mom, in her own special way, makes the time to nurture her family. Whether it's endlessly filling sippy cups when the kids are little, chauffering her children to activities as they grow older, or giving advice as they continue to grow, mom is always an important figure in her family. Which is why on Mother's Day we take the time to show her how much her efforts are appreciated and attempt to give back a little nurturing in return. Although most of us feel we can't quite measure up to mom's level, our effort on her behalf is always appreciated.

Here is a menu to entertain mom on her special day, one that will impress her, but won't be too challenging for those of us who aspire to fill her shoes. As long as you can measure, mix, and use the stove, this shouldn't be difficult for even the least experienced cook. In fact, you can work on the side dishes while the pork is roasting.

The Little Touches that Set the Stage

  • Use a clean, attractive tablecloth or placemats to make the table look prettier than every day meals.
  • Nothing says special like cloth napkins folded decoratively or placed in a napkin ring.
  • Mom needs flowers on her special day - it's a tradition. You don't have to spend a fortune, just make sure they're fresh and set in a decorative container, either in the center of the table or at her place if you're using just a few.
  • Play her favorite music throughout the meal. Like most moms, she has probably tolerated your musical tastes for many years.

The Menu

Your Mom's Favorite Nibbles - Yes, she may have enjoyed nibbling on your toes when you were little, but now she probably prefers cured olives, or a special cheese, some crispy crackers, or perhaps a favorite dip. You don't even have to cook this course, not when so many stores carry an abundant selection of tasty gourmet treats. Just find out which are your mom's favorites and arrange them on a pretty platter for her.

Roast Pork Loin with Garlic and Rosemary - As long as you keep a timer handy, you can't go wrong with this recipe.

Skillet Potatoes with Olives and Lemon - Don't these sound fancy? Don't worry - they're very easy. You can toss these together on top of the stove while the roast is in the oven.

Easy Wilted Baby Spinach Salad - With the wide availability of pre-washed baby salad in stores, this will be a snap to prepare.

Two Berry Crisp - This is a terrific, easy recipe for when berries are in season. Don't forget the vanilla ice cream!

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