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Human Bingo 2


This week's tip was submitted by Dan Engell.

This is a tip for a fun icebreaker called Human Bingo. I did this at my 40th birthday party and it was great. Create bingo cards with fun trivia about your guests written in the squares. Make each card different to keep guests from copying one another. Only allow each guest name to be used ONCE. Have some easy ones like, "Drives a truck" or "Is wearing white socks" but then have some really tough ones like (and you have to know some little-known facts about your guests) like, "Was born in Rhode Island" or "Once owned a Ferrari" or "Has been to a Led Zeppelin concert".  

Next ask your guests to mingle to discover the person that belongs to each fact. The first person to complete his card wins a door prize. It's fun!

Thanks for the tip Dan!

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