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Party Games

You'll find party games here that are played, for the most part, without special props. They may require regular household items, or some of these links include drinking games, so get out your keg.

Guest of Honor Trivia Ice Breaker Game
Rules for a Guest of Honor Trivia Ice Breaker Game

Getting to Know You, A Little Better - Party Ice Breaker Game
An ice breaker game to help group members get to know one another better.

A "Would You Rather" Ice Breaker
Ice breaker game for parties, business groups, school groups.

Human Bingo Ice Breaker Party Game
A party ice breaker game that is like playing bingo.

Human Bingo 2
Reader tip for a human bingo party icebreaker.

A Party Warmer Game
Warm up your party with this ice breaker game.

Stepping Stones Ice Breaker
A reader tip for a team building ice breaker.

Guest of Honor Trivia Game
A fun game to play while celebrating the guest of honor.

Mystery Party Pockets
party icebreaker, icebreaker game, party game, party ice breaker, ice breaker game

A Fun Party Icebreaker Game for Tweens
A fun party icebreaker game for tweens that will help to get the party started.

An Intimate Party Ice Breaker
Get to know your friends better with this cozy party ice breaker.

A Scrabble Game Ice Breaker
An easy party ice breaker based on the game of Scrabble.

Two Truths and a Lie - Party Ice Breaker
Instructions for a party ice breaker called Two Truths and a Lie.

Warm Up Your Party with Ice Breakers
Suggestions for using ice breakers to warm up any social situation, whether personal or business related. This article includes links to large collections of ice breakers.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Games
You can't just drink all night, can you? You need a few games to take everyone's mind away from the pre-wedding jitters.

Review of "Perfect Party Games"
If you're looking to add extra fun to your next party, this book may hold the key. This book review includes an interview with the author and a sample pre-party game.

A Corporate Ice Breaker
This reader submitted ice breaker was used during a training session at her office.

Training Class Ice Breaker
This is a reader submitted ice breaker that she uses in her training classes.

Favorite Party Games
Readers share their favorite party games.

You're Such a Card, Party Ice Breaker
An easy party game idea submitted by a reader that uses a simple deck of cards.

Sing Along for a Fun Ice Breaker
A reader submitted ice breaker idea.

Your Favorite Ice Breaker Games
Readers share their favorite ice breaker games.

A Party Game as Easy as ABC
A simple party game that needs no props.

A Famous Game
A party ice breaker submitted by a reader.

What's Your Sign? - A Party Ice Breaker
A party ice breaker for a large group of people.

Candy Coated Ice Breakers
An ice breaker party game that uses M&M candies

An Ice Breaker Stranger than Fiction
A party ice breaker that separates the truth from lies.

Fun Facts Ice Breaker
An ice breaker game that is suitable for home or business events.

True Confessions Ice Breaker Game
A true confessions party ice breaker.

Must Have Games for Outdoor Parties
With maybe one exception, these classic games have been around for decades for good reason. When you're hosting an outside party, barbecue, pool party, or cocktail party, keep these games available for casual, pick-up fun. Most everyone knows how to play them and, if not, they're easy enough to learn. Men, women, boys and girls can share the fun...

Favorite Outdoor Party Games
Readers share their favorite outdoor party games.

The Real Beer Page
Fun and games revolving around beer drinking. Also toasts, burps, postcards and polls.

Bar Meister Drinking Games
Find hundreds of games to keep them rolling on the floor at your next keg party.

Game Secretary.Com
A resource dedicated to games for groups. Offers search functions, ratings, and the ability to leave feedback.

Party Games Central
A wonderful site filled with hundreds of party game instructions. There's a handy search page that allows you to select a game based on your specific needs.

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