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Memorial Day Entertaining

Start planning your Memorial Day entertaining with the menus, grilling tips and other ideas that can be found on these pages.

Safety Tips for Summer Parties
Safety tips for Memorial Day parties as well as parties throughout the summer season.

Top Summer Party Ideas that Won't Break your Budget
Find the best ways to plan a summer party while still keeping to your budget.

How to Plan a Summertime Potluck Party
Find advice on how to plan a summertime potluck party, including perfect potluck recipes for every course.

Summer Party Tips
Follow these simple tips for making your summer parties the best ones in the neighborhood.

Grillin' For Gals
Ladies, get out of the kitchen and fire up the grill for easy, relaxing, summer entertaining. Beginner's instructions, recipes and tips for gals and guys.

Barbecues & Grilling
Derrick Riches, About Guide to Barbecues and Grilling has all the information you need to get your Memorial Day really cookin'.

Memorial Day Clip Art
Design your own holiday invitations and place cards with the graphics from this patriotic collection of clip art from Bobbie Peachey, About Guide to Web Clip Art.

Best Ways to Host a Healthy Summer Barbecue
Ideas for making the traditional summer barbecue just a little bit healthier, while still tasting delicious.

Grilling Gets Healthy
Guidance on adding flavor to grilled food using marinades, rubs and other flavoring techniques from Good Housekeeping.

National Hot Dog and Sausage Council
A great source for recipes, tips and trivia about one of America's favorite summer foods.

Pig Out - Memorial Day Luau
This is a book review and instructions for roasting a pig from the eGG.

S'Mores Bars
Not exactly the campfire version. This recipe is prepared ahead of time and then can be packed in your picnic basket. Recipe is from Gourmet.

Sizzling Summer
Recipes, tips, drinks and other links for summer grilling and entertaining from Epicurious.

Summertime Party Necessities
Entertaining is little different in the summertime. It's a little more relaxed, definitely casual, and most of the time it's outside. The food is fresh, easy, and designed to cool down you and your guests. There are certain party necessities you'll want to have on hand to maximize the carefree spirit of entertaining during the summertime.

The Complete Outdoor Cookbook
Summertime recipes from Good Housekeeping including cold soups, salads, marinades and desserts.

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