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A Quick, Easy Summer Picnic

Assemble this Easy Picnic Before You Hit the Road


A Quick, Easy Summer Picnic

BLT Sandwich

Donna Pilato
Summertime delivers many excuses for outings. There are music festivals, auto races, craft fairs, and harvest celebrations to name a few. Each of these events offer food - but how many times do you want to eat hot dogs and funnel cakes throughout the season?

What you really need is an easy menu that you can toss together 30 minutes before you hit the road for your outing. You need a few simple dishes that will pull together ingredients that are abundant around most homes throughout the summertime. Then you can enjoy your outing without the accompanying indigestion. Just remember to bring along enough to share with the friends joining you at the festival - that is if you ever want them to travel with you again.

The Menu

Full-Tilt Boogie BLT - Although it's great to eat this sandwich when the bacon is still hot, it will hold up well for several hours.

Melon Berry Blue Cheese Salad - Bring along the dressing in a separate container and toss when you're ready to eat it to keep the fruit from becoming soggy.

Homemade Potato Chips - These aren't exactly a last minute recipe, but you can make these in advance and keep then on hand for those last minute picnic emergencies.

Peach Iced Tea - Although this recipe doesn't use fresh peaches, the peachiness of the drink makes it a summer refresher.

Pickles, olives, or any other pickled veggie you have on hand.

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