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Favorite Kitchen Tools - Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware


Favorite Kitchen Tools - Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware

Le Creuset Pot

Donna Pilato

What it Does:

Depending on the size of your piece, Le Creuset cast iron cookware can be used for cooking a roast, making a stew, baking a casserole, simmering vegetables, or simmering soup.

Problem it Solves:

The even heat distribution creates a fabulous cooking environment for your food without the problems of hot and cool spots other cookware has. It holds heat long after your remove the piece from your oven or stovetop. And the enamel finish makes it easy to clean.

Why I Love It:

My Le Creuset cast iron cookware are what I consider luxury cooking pieces, but so well worth it. They do a great job cooking, and are the easiest pieces to clean - even the messiest, baked on splatters come clean up without using a lot of muscle. Finally, with a large selection of colors, these pieces can match any home's decor and look beautiful traveling from oven to table.

Best Kitchen Uses:

I can't really choose - any time I use one of my Le Creuset pieces I'm happy with its performance. Compare Prices

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